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  1. Thread: Awaken

    by Taurean

    Re: Awaken

    I posted this on the Alexandria thread earlier on and think it is just as appropriate here;-
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    Re: The Library of Alexandria

    There was a movie released in 2009 " Agora " about Hypatia of Alexandria which covers the 391 AD burning of the library.
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    Wikipedia has a go at semi-official recognition of con/chem-trails

  4. Re: The Rise of Jewish Hate within the New Age Movement


    The Elephant in the Room

    I think this comment is worth reprinting here ;-
  5. Re: Did you Know Karl Marx was related to the Rothschilds?

    Interesting to note the centre of which was Commercial Street, - Whitechaple/Spitalfields area.
  6. Re: Did you Know Karl Marx was related to the Rothschilds?

    I think you'll find Jewish interest in the UK became paramount when the British East India Company surpassed in power and influence that of the Dutch East India Company. Suddenly re-addmitance of the...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Kevin Bloody Wilson, an Antipodean bard.


    sorry couldn't resist it.
  8. Re: Did you Know Karl Marx was related to the Rothschilds?

    In 1791 Catherine the Great established an area called the "Pale of Settlement" in Eastern Europe in order to expel all Jews out of Russia.

    This area was subsequently thought to contain some 5 - 6...
  9. Re: A WARNING LETTER found from FUTURE - SOMETHING BIG is about to HAPPEN?

    I believe WWlll has already begun.

    It's not a territorial war though, it's an economic war.

    Resources/supplies may be taken out with drones and/or nukes some time soon.

    Watch out for food...
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    Re: Space Observing System (Schumann resonances)

    This video seems relevant and informative ;-

  11. Re: David Wilcock Responds To Ben Fulford's 9-8-14 post

    If you are in any way troubled by halal/kosher slaughterings then do NOT watch this.

    but I think it emphasises the point.
  12. Re: Jack the Ripper unmasked...126 mystery solved by amatuer slueth.....

    Only £11.89 from Amazon!
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    Re: How Can We Dislodge the Malicious PTB?

    With all the disparities, injustices and blatant frauds we are having to endure at the moment I get the impression that the masses are being goaded into some sort of reaction so that Martial Law can...
  14. Re: It sticks in their craw that Shakespeare was a person like you or I

    If you examine Shakespeare's signature it's difficult to imagine that he wrote for a living.

    It looks quite a laboured attempt to put pen to paper.
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    Re: How Can We Dislodge the Malicious PTB?

    The creation of debt is their lifeblood.

    Commerce is what they thrive on.

    So the easiest place to start is to stop buying things we don't need.

    In peace time, Property/Real estate...
  16. Re: PSYOP : The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous


    Serious crowd fencing !
  17. Re: Robin Williams R.I.P. talking about being suicidal and what to do!

    Something does not sit right with me on this too.

    RW was far too intelligent to go for the suicide option.
  18. Re: Radiation from Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick -- Are You at Risk?

    Clearly the PTB must have some nefarious plan for Mobile/Cell Phone technology or they wouldn't have made them so desirable and affordable to just about everybody on the planet.

    I've read some ELF...
  19. Re: They Walk Amoung Us ....My thoughts are, they rule us
  20. Re: MARKET CRASH DATE 'PREDICTED' - In line with Christine Legarde's (Luck 7s)..?

    On a more practical level I'm inclined to think the next crash is linked to the progress of the new London Underground Railway ( Crossrail ) which convieniently links the Old Financial district ( The...
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