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  1. Re: The Obama Phenomenon: Alternative knowledge, elite machinations and the fulcrum of destiny

    Thank you Rahkyt, for this article. It has certainly raised some interesting questions.

    If I may speak for myself for a moment -- let me say that I am inhabiting a "white" body which carries...
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    Re: Mrs Dolores Cannon has left Earth!

    I am so sorry to hear of this. I loved Dolores Cannon from the moment I learned of her. Bless all those who follow in her footsteps and continue her work. It's a great gift to the world.
  3. Re: >>>Dream Prediction Project: MUST READ!!/\ Important

    Just to add my opinion here: I hate these things, these web bots, dream bots.

    They didn't ask me about my dreams.
    In the past bit of time, I've had 3 dreams about being invited to join Teams...
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    Re: Is water a natural right or a need?

    Water is a need, a necessity, for life, along with the other things mentioned. There has never been a "fair distribution" of water on this planet. Humans have lived where they can -- which means...
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    Re: Amusing Response to Human Depopulation

    I will step in in support of mpennery here. Grow your own food for a season and live off of what you grow. If you do this, you will easily see that our world population is so large because we have a...
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    Re: First Scientific Proof Of God

    Oh? Have they figured out how to measure infinity?
  7. Re: The "Tell Me Something Good" Feel-Good Winners Thread

    Hello Zaya and all,

    Thank you so much for this thread! Let us speak of what is good and holy here! Hooray. Thank you. :)

    Small story: I've planted organic vegetable gardens, as I do every year....
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    Re: Healing Thoughts Please

    May Pete have continued improvement. His heart was blocked and now it is open. Even more love can flow. Blessings to you both!
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    Re: Pope's Reign Possibly Just Shortened...

    This Pope is talking and acting the kind of change Americans thought Obama meant.

    But I'm wondering, can any of you posting on this thread imagine, find, or create any prophecy that is not death...
  10. Re: Beware... GMO consumer products on the Black List

    I try to never buy anything that has a name, or is in a box or a can. Well, okay, a few things... I can't really grow coffee where I live but I try to organically grow most of what I eat or else buy...
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    Re: Unified Theory of Chemtrails!

    Thanks Deega. It was amazing how much discipline it took to look at the sky twice a day for a year and a half and make notes. It really did require dedication. Our group started out with 8 people who...
  12. Re: Black Oil/ Black Goo recoverd from Morgellons Patient???

    Hi Vilcabamba,

    I'm curious:

    1. What is the source of your information that the chemtrails are now spraying silicones?
    2. And that frequencies broadcast from satellites and cell phone towers...
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    Re: Unified Theory of Chemtrails!

    Just to add my experience to this observation:

    Several years ago I formed a Chemtrail Watch group locally to gather data on how often we were being sprayed. Three people, scattered over 230 miles...
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    Re: Unified Theory of Chemtrails!

    I really, really like this analysis! Where I live, we get chemtrailed all the time. By his thesis, that's because nobody is paying attention except me and a couple other people and we haven't sat...
  15. Re: Restless Legs brought on by Documentary on Aliens

    [I love your avatar! Poor little kitty...]

    Some kind of embedded imagery? Subliminals of some kind? I can't imagine why anyone would do that but this world seems to be full of things I can't...
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    Re: Chemtrails Raining DIAMONDS !

    Do you have any idea what they're trying to create? "Transhuman" means: what?

    There are DNA studies now that about 1% of the world population has either activated previously inactive parts of...
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    Re: Blogging in Russia - get your license ready or else, says Putin

    I agree. Nobody knows anything anymore, nobody holds knowledge in their heads; it's so easy and convenient to let the net remember everything for you. I wonder how this will work out...
  18. Re: Q: Is anyone here ever experienced a glitch on the Matrix or witness "Droppers"?

    PS to add: Not only did berry plants and lily of the valley appear as if by magic, but my favorite gardening reference book has disappeared. I can't find it anywhere. It's always in one spot, easily...
  19. Re: Q: Is anyone here ever experienced a glitch on the Matrix or witness "Droppers"?

    I have recently received some free gifts but I don't know how they got here. Maybe any gardeners out there will relate to this. So I'm outside, raking up last year's leaves that have collected in a...
  20. Re: Tornados are Ripping across the midwest again. 4-27 7pm central

    Beautifully said, Rocky, and not just the words. Yes indeed, we will change the matrix; in the meantime, let us draw off the ferocity of the storms and transform it into healing energy for all....
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