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    Re: JFK: the Assassination of John Kennedy

    ritual murder , oliver stone had it symbolically right.
    the first catholic president murdered at the date pope clemens installed the papal bull to take captive of J de moley and claim all the...
  2. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    thx for your share , my mom is in a home now and the caretakers r very loving and gentil.
    sometimes i feel guilty to leave her there that is the most heartbreaking , but yet again 15 min later it...
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    Re: The Borax Conspiracy

    Tibetean monks used borax to soften the yak thea they drink , but then again sleeping on a floor must have consequences, like Rheuma or artritis .
    could it have had a double use effect ?
    i think so...
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