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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    Go Brits Go.....stay on it, put your noses to the grind and keep making those changes that bring the power back to the people!! :whoo::cheers:
  2. Re: Jordan Maxwell has had a heart attack: please make this known, help him out, and wish him well

    May Love and Light surround you and heal you well soon :heart:
  3. Re: 88,000 flee as major wildfire breaks out at Fort McMurray, Canada

    Geez...people from La Loche and surrounding area where evacuated last summer because of forest fires and another one on it's way...........maybe it will meet up with the old burned out ones and...
  4. Re: Kenneth O'Keefe - The Tyrannical System of Human Enslavement

    Well IMHO< David Icke will now have a compadre' and cohort in being banned in Canada after this gets attention!!

    Right on Mr. O' have stirred the pot in Canada and with that...
  5. Re: Depressing survey results show how extremely stupid America has become

    It seems to be that the dumbing down of humanity has been going on for centuries and thus the older the inhabited territories, the longer the ignorance of what is .......pointing fingers at one...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    Thank you for all you do and for "Being" Gio...........Be Well :bearhug:
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    Re: Getting knocked down but not

    I am going to give your sightings my very own nick name mojo>>>>>M&M's >>>>>>Morphing Machinations!! Thanks for not giving in or up...:bearhug:
  8. Thread: Catch-22's

    by sandy

    Re: Catch-22's

    Knowing and Being vulnerable takes strength and courage and with a backbone like that, you will THRIVE.......keep on truckin' :bearhug:
  9. Re: A nice little bundle of happiness on a Monday Morning... Young Soffi singing along to Elvis

    Just what I needed...............a BIG THANK YOU Soffi and Kev :bearhug:
  10. Re: Ireland's Vital Role on Earth now and reason for the Domination of it for 1000s of years

    Gobbledegook!! :facepalm:
  11. Re: If you were part of the 1% what would it take for you to give it up?

    The establishment of a colony on another Planet with all the amenities of comfort................IE ..the secret space program :-)
  12. Re: The Best Video regarding spirituality I have ever seen.

    Two thumbs up for his concepts of spirituality and the purpose of the path of emotional awakening and awareness .....delivered with the freedom of humour to accept, reflect or set...
  13. Re: Welsh lessons by a 3 year old Bilingual (my daughter)

    Just plain......................... AWESOME !! :-)
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    O'leary is a staunch Conservative and was in full support of what Harper produced for Canada???? Have you researched this guys business history??? He is a blow heart with bankruptcies and dirty deals...
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    Re: The Impermanence of All Things

    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for sharing your adventure and insights. Sometimes it takes a loss to bring the real value of such to the HEART>>>> I love that your backpack was like your "Little Brother",...
  16. Thread: Ancestry

    by sandy

    Re: Ancestry

    I wouldn't comply with the census here in Canada a few years ago............they threatened and harassed me but eventually left me alone........~~~~~ so I guess you can figure out that my answer...
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    Re: What makes a good documentary?

    If it is a documentary about You mojo and your experiences I would find a biography of sorts interesting..........this style gives the viewer a sense of getting to know you before and then step by...
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    Re: Miniaturising medical devices - video

    Has me thinking of the Trans-humanism theme more than wanting to save lives............ I just may be too old fashion but my antenna say no-no-no :(
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    Re: Are you afraid to speak out?

    I think I will be remembered for being a lovable, S**t Disturber :)
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    Re: Sean David Morton

    He and those giving Authority to Sean dared to go up against the system in much bigger ways.............due diligence was remiss and the price has and is being paid. Clifford Dean found the system...
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