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    Re: UFO at fireworks show

    must of been a boring night in space
  2. Re: No, Jim Willie, the next world money will NOT be gold backed.

    I'm waiting for someone to back the price of a cryptocurrency with real world assets. Create a trust and use a % of transaction fees to invest in stocks, bonds, precious metals, REITS etc. Diversify...
  3. Re: Are You Really Spiritual Or Are You Just Fooling Yourself?

    If you know you are fooling yourself, then you are on the true path
  4. Re: If karma exists, why does so much evil in the world go unchecked?

    evil and the suffering it induces is the cure for the average good persons ignorance
  5. Re: George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change

    Yoda on George Kavassilas:
  6. Re: WARNING To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets - from Kameran Faily, 21 March 2016

    Apparently he works at Sainsbury's when not consulting the elite.
  7. Re: The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know

    It many cases it goes in the bladder, it either goes out in the urine or becomes too dense and putrifies, leading to blockages in the flow of energy.
  8. Re: The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know

    I cannot emphasize strongly enough how dangerous a practice this is. It has very little short term benefit and will most likely cause health problems in the long term.

    I have seen many people who...
  9. Re: The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know

    There is a lot of misconception regarding Kundalini. Most of the teachers in the west who claim to be kundalini instructors are anything but and are not qualified to teach as they have no real...
  10. Re: Excellent Documentary: Skeletons in the Closet Redheads, Giants, Celts and Persians in New Zealand...and still there today!

    very good worth watching
  11. Re: Ted Cruz Magically becomes a "Natural Born Citizen"

    the ptb do not want ted cruz, he is there to keep trump from accumulating too many delegates. The elite want marco rubio. At some point in the future they will take down cruz, he will bow out and his...
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    Re: A meeting last night with Brian O'Leary

    Just a word of caution, even some benevolent beings masquerade as lifelong friends/family in the astral realm to sway influence over people.
  13. Re: Living Nei Kung schools (the story of John Chang)

    One of the many reasons this stuff is kept secret
  14. Re: Living Nei Kung schools (the story of John Chang)

    Johng chang's path is not the path of a saint, you can be a good or a evil man a still achieve in this work. It is simply advanced, sophisticated bio energy cultivation.

    He did not lose any...
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    Re: Is Enlightenment An Illusion?

    What is enlightenment
    Emptiness within form
    the momentum of the Unconscious mind has completely ceased
    You then become basically a superconductive material
    if a teacher says they are enlightened...
  16. Re: Nazi Train with Loot - Possible pic - but What's the symbol ?

    Looks fake, the German symbol on the train hasn't faded after all these years
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    Re: Man with Golden Aura

    Everyone has gold in their aura. It can usually be seen on the periphery of an aura. It is the most refined part of a individuals field. It is commonly referred to the auric egg. In more spiritually...
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    Re: Planned bursting of the financial bubble

    The rate of classified technology leaked into the public sector/(The perversion Constant* The gullibility of the masses)= The world economic growth rate

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    Re: A 'soul net' around Earth?

    As I remember you have spoken about personal experiences about Astral Projections and other paranormal experiences.

    For sure you know as I, that there are negative entities that exist that act as...
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    Re: A 'soul net' around Earth?

    The Dao De Jing makes no mention of a soul net. It is speaking of the internal negative qualities of people that enslave them, not some Extra terrestrial built inter dimensional grid.

    I say this...
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