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  1. Heres Johnny

    Worth a look and highly interesting Peeps. The re modified Hydrogen Processor for your car.

    Heres Johnny.......
  2. Re: Major Announcement From NASA on Thursday: 23rd July 2015

    N ever
    S straight
    A answer

    Sorry, But I personally don't trust this 4 lettered alphabet agency. They have been lying to us and stringing us along for decades.
  3. Re: The Crop Circles Link To Magnetic Energy

    Yes Akasha I'm sure there are some good circle makers in West Country. But If I may interject this little nugget.

    "The Sri Yantra Mandala"

  4. Re: The Crop Circles Link To Magnetic Energy

    In my presumptions, yes most definitely. I'm sure there are still some rare, courageous, intelligent scientists on this planet which can put the pieces/clues of the crop circle puzzle together...
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    Not your time yet Bill, you have much more to accomplish in this very special incarnation of yours. Keep safe and well on all your journeys. Gaia needs your company at the moment. She don't want to...
  6. Re: The Crop Circles Link To Magnetic Energy

    Some examples of the coil in use.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    This definitely looks like a crop circle.
  7. The Crop Circles Link To Magnetic Energy

    Probably posted before as i assume, but worth a repost and or re-thread. Just came across this website and much info and illustrations listed below, after watching a video by the late Colonel Corso...
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    Re: Clean, Clean, Clean the Machine

    Welcome to the machine.
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    Re: The dangers of vaccines

    Arent they are so afraid of us (The 99%), that they want to wipe us out. One by one. Say no to vaccines.
  10. Re: Check out the Clintons......................
  11. Re: Scratching the Surface of Free Energy Transcript and Podcast.

    Great stuff SBK. :inlove: It so disturbs me to hear of our valuable forests/rainforests being destroyed for the account of greed. Indeed these psychopaths need to be taken off this planet forthwith,...
  12. Re: ABM Mushroom Extract is a Very Powerful Medicine (Fights Cancer)

    I do appreciate your interjectional research of info.
  13. Re: The Caring Human is in Danger of Extinction

    Nice thread, some wonderful words SBK. And if i may interject a great video IMO by an American Indian in Floyd Redcrow Westerman...... RIP.

    When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish...
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    Not to worry and give up hope. I'm sure will have our time shortly. Karma is a bitch.
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    Re: Interesting crop circle near Stonehenge

    Good read here IMO on this topic, by Linda Moulton Howe.,204,203,200_.jpg
  16. Re: ABM Mushroom Extract is a Very Powerful Medicine (Fights Cancer)

    Not to hijack my own thread but staying in topic, here's a great site with some stunning eye opening alternative cancer treatments. Such as Iscador, Vitamin C Intravenous, The Famous Essiac Formula,...
  17. Re: ABM Mushroom Extract is a Very Powerful Medicine (Fights Cancer)

    Your very welcome DeDukshyn, keep us posted on your research. :bigsmile:
  18. ABM Mushroom Extract is a Very Powerful Medicine (Fights Cancer)

    Interesting Mushroom Indeed Here Peeps. Looks highly promising. And worth a looksy. Sorry if it was posted before. If so couldn't hurt to Merge or Bump.

    In the sixties, researchers visited the Sao...
  19. Re: Harvard Professor: Fluoride Toxic to Children, Linked to Autism

    Thanks Paula...... :bearhug:
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    If you dont mind, I mentioned you here Ulli: Every time they speak of free energy I think of your signature quite, quite often....
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