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    Re: Sports and Spirituality

    aha! a bone., thanks Moemers, I'll take it!

    I guess this thread is about self-discovery, so in that regard I say yes, Sports and Spirituality matter.

    I view sports and games as somewhat...
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    Sports and Spirituality

    I'd like to put this out there for anyone who may find it of interest or have something to share on the topic.

    The topic is sports and spirituality, commonly misunderstood from both ends of the...
  3. Re: Proof the government is preparing for a catastrophe (make of it what you will)

    Thanks Charlie Pecos, I love it!!!

    To quote from your post "Kennedy Theory: We'll drive off that bridge when we get to it"

    I felt compelled NOT to watch the video that started...
  4. Re: UFO Filmed Over Utah military base closed after UFO is spotted

    ... not sure if this is based on the same sightings in Utah, but here is the typical followup report from a local news source which is full of contradictions
  5. Re: New White Hat Insider Info - regarding current situation and 911 etc...

    The story makes complete sense to me but the next few days should be telling.

    The Chinese world view expressed in that audio file seem congruent with the "level playing field" Charles says he...
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    Re: Earth Changes 2010 to Date

    Interesting bit of news
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