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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    It should be noted that "Gaia" is all over facebook. It always comes up as a suggested page for me. pushes alot of Wilcox and Corey. Random people I'm friends with on facebook "like" it. ...
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    Re: Magnesium supplement - what form is best?

    From my research Magnesium Citrate is said to be the most bio-available form for oral ingestion. Epson salt baths are an easy and relaxing way to get magnesium topically.

    I've been researching...
  3. Re: Atlantis' Mythical Metal Found in Shipwreck

    RT News March 3rd 2017:

  4. Re: SUPERBOWL, Teir 1 National Security Event.... defeated by teens with a ladder.

    Unreal. Good for them. Having confidence in everything you do can really pay off....
  5. Re: Oroville Dam... (California, Spring 2017 - current)

    I prefer to look at the most plausible explanation for things. Sure we can come up with a million possible explanations but it's just pure speculation and wishful thinking most of the time.
  6. Re: Oroville Dam... (California, Spring 2017 - current)

    Really? You guys think they bombed it on purpose? Come on, the more plausible explanation is years of drought causes the 45 year old earthen spillway to become dry and brittle. Now we get a year...
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    Re: Alex Jones & Joe Rogan - A Double Header

    I love Joe Rogan, I'm not really a huge fan of Alex but after watching this I do respect him a lot more. Anyway, worth a watch.
  8. Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

    AJ and JR talk alot about Pizzagate in this new podcast...

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    Re: Druidic/Wiccan Gardening

    Two of my favorite plants are holy basil and Sage. Both grow very easily and are extremely hardly. The only sage I didn't have success with was pineapple sage. I think it is grown mostly as an...
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    Re: 25 scientists died in 1982-1988

    Just adding this for reference. List of dead scientists that have died under mysterious circumstances.
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    Re: Transition into Trump

    Is the Donald Trumped? Clinton scheming to seize White House through backdoor. RT News:

    Now I'm not a Trump...
  13. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    Infiltrators don't react with emotion. They don't take things personally. They are much more seductive. They don't get frustrated and leave. That would not serve their agenda.[/QUOTE]

    Whiskey, I...
  14. Re: Split thread from "Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner videos ...]"

    The major issue with Todd and Nora has been that they make statements and don't want to elaborate, discuss or defend their statements. In the definition of forum, discussion seems to be a primary...
  15. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    It's hard to crack a very tight door by making a statement and then refusing to elaborate or provide evidence. I guess in this particular thought experiment it would be very frustrating to balance...
  16. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    Agreed and I think many are trying to provide such evidence.
  17. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    One can always PM and ask someone in confidentiality why one would or would not speak about something in public. Ad Hominem attacks are not at all a kind way to deal with an emotional situation. ...
  18. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    Sorry Bob but ever since Todd and Nora joined they have used this forum as a platform. They state things but don't want to discuss any of it. It can lead someone to question their motives. You can...
  19. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]

    I thought these forums are for discussion. You don't seem to want to discuss anything. You just state your views as fact without much supporting evidence and then get upset that people question...
  20. Re: Very Disturbing [Jay Weidner - Sacred Mysteries video (removed)]


    I provide this as an overview of the current info/theories on Pizzagate. I'm still on the fence but there are some very strange connections being made.
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