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  1. Re: Ben McBrady: the last Druid of the old Gaelic order

    A photo taken a couple of weeks ago at a local museum.

    "Here we see the rite of bringing in the sacred mistletoe, and showing a group of Druids or Celtic priests in richly decorated...
  2. Re: Is meditating on "emptiness" better than mindfulness cultivation ?

    Masculine - Feminine
    Positive - Negative
    Thought - Silence (awaiting the 'thought')

    All the above ingredients are required for

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    Re: All About Cancer

    Cannabis oil - wife with stage 3b ovarian cancer given all clear halfway through first round of chemo.

    Human endocrine system - regulates all gland production in the human body.

    "The endocrine...
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    Re: Contactee - I NEED HELP

    MythKitty, I would say you are in a better position than most on this planet!

    You have an understanding that the world does not follow the narrative we are fed from birth.

    Our density is...
  5. Re: The spiritual or emotional aspect of physical disease

    Excellent news! Many informative groups about to advise on taking etc. If in doubt guzzle it down (cost permitting) :hippie:
  6. Re: The spiritual or emotional aspect of physical disease

    Have you thought about using cannabis oil? Impacts both the physical and mental in beneficial ways due to balancing of the endocrine system - the system that regulates all the gland/hormonal output...
  7. Re: Big Discovery: Tomb of Alexander The Great found in Jordan?

    My how they shine! Unless someone has spent a very long time cleaning the artifacts whilst they lay in the tomb (especially the 'arc') oxidisation etc over the period of time would leave them just a...
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    Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Thank you onawah, 2 weeks ago 3 couples from around the UK met in Barcelona, the males all Capricorns and the females all Geminis - we didn't know this beforehand. And the energy interaction started...
  9. Re: What is socialism? (your opinion, not the dictionary definition)


    "Originally the term "socialist" was often used interchangeably with "co-operative", "mutualist", "associationist" and "collectivist" in reference to the organization of economic enterprise...
  10. Re: What about Empirical Genuine Support Phenomena Experiment?

    "Do not underestimate the long-term effect of lots of "insiders" (key-people) who are on your side but NOT yet been able to do something now but eventually will!"

    Thank you John and I couldn't...
  11. Re: What is socialism? (your opinion, not the dictionary definition)

    Over 100 years ago people where told that equality in all ways comes under the name of socialism, as promoted by the parties at that time, then that was what they understood socialism to be.

  12. Re: Cancer killing/Killing Cancer ~ My Heart Path

    Guess now would be a good time to give my thanks to Brook/Shadowself - and yes this energy is for you Brook - you Go Girl!

    I only got to chat with Brook briefly via PM on here, firstly regarding...
  13. Re: Chakras And The Bodies Major Glands - Are They The Same Thing?

    Therefore would it not be beneficial to 'remove' the areas of conflict by balancing our glands/endocrine system?

    The Role of the Endocannabinoid System in Restoring Balance to the Endocrine...
  14. Chakras And The Bodies Major Glands - Are They The Same Thing?

    Looking at a diagram showing where the bodies major glands are positioned:ATTACH=CONFIG]39805[/ATTACH]

    It's not a surprise that they match the position of the chakras from Eastern philosophy.
  15. Re: Looking for opinions on Diehold Foundation validity

    At the bottom of the opening page of the site they have a countdown clock of the number of days to when (they say) the next Polar Shift will occur.

    10126 days which is...
  16. Re: Sublime and/or Spiritual Experiences of the Natural World..

    Lovely tales! Or should I say tails...

    About 6 years ago I was 'released' from employment and my parents, who spend a month each year vacationing in a a village in Turkey call Turunc, said why not...
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    Re: Quadriplegic needs advice.

    Hi Kari Lynn, have you given medicinal cannabis oils a thought? In the 2 years i've been looking into it I have seen/heard amazing recoveries being made. Plenty of info on the web. Have a look at Dr...
  18. Re: The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?

    The increase/change in the energies/frequencies brought about by Universal changes is physically and emotionally affecting the planets population, with most unaware of what's coming in.

    Those who...
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    Re: Feelings and Emotions

    I would say that emotions and feelings are generated from the body, not the mind - and as 5th above says our thoughts are a much slower process.

    Generally people think that the mind is 'operations...
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    Re: Our Need for Heroes

    As Flash says, the belief in Self is the one thing no one outside Self can do for YOU. Only You can give the inner Self the Love/info required to bring about change.

    And that You is the hero, and...
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