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  1. Re: Vodadahue Mountain At the End of the World -- as we know it

    This is exactly how I feel.
  2. Re: There! No Need For Tracking RFID Chips!

    ....HYGIENE anyone ???????
  3. Re: Children can now lodge complaints with the UN about violations of their rights

    And how precisely are these children supposed to complain "directly" to the U.N. ? I can see it now - a starving child in Africa picks up a copy of the Yellow Pages to find the U.N hotline.

  4. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    Very sobering diagram.
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    Re: I'm always under attack

    From my perspective as an observer here for the last 3 years, I'd say it most certainly does !

    Christian, you clearly do your best to walk your talk and, like most people, feel yourself being...
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    Re: the wife of god

    Here we go, PROOF that God has a wife ....

  7. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    Does it ? Given that all of the passengers knew the departure time of the flight and given that they were all aware of the need to check-in 2 hours before hand (or whatever), I would say there is a...
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    Re: Why Is The Grass Green?

    That's an incredibly profound idea, I hadn't thought of it that way before. Off to ponder ...... :wizard:
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    Re: Project Camelot's 20 millionth visitor

    Congratulations Kerry and everyone who contributed. Let's hope the message is sinking in.

    What are the stats for Avalon by the way, do we know ?
  10. Re: Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion

    There are some teachers from the UK visiting our school next week, and I've asked if someone could bring this book for me. Fingers crossed !!

    I'm hoping it will be as good a read as Richard...
  11. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    In the good ole days (pre-9/11) I was able to sit in on 2 landings and can confirm that it's actually standard protocol for the pilot to state the flight number at the end of message.

  12. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    I've been trying to remain non-critical of the Malaysians because they DO have a pretty tough job on their hands. But when I read this latest update (elsewhere) ....

    .. I can lo longer deny...
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    I saw the writing on the wall back in 2005 and renewed my passport early, so as to avoid being chipped. I believed that humanity was going to wake up and that intrusive governments would be gotten...
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    Re: I ache from loneliness

    You know, there are times, many times when I feel like quitting this forum, with all the idiotic gossip and paranoia about whatever. But then we have a thread like this, and Avalon behaves like a...
  15. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    I'd also add ...

    3) False Flag operation: Because in those situations (think 9/11 and the "underwear" bomber) there is an answer being pumped into people's minds as the story unfolds, and there is...
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    Re: Working with the shadow.

    Thanks for the synchronicity. I discovered Paul Levy recently, and he has a lot of very useful and very profound information on his site, which I believe everyone should acquaint themselves with.
  17. Re: A Fealty Pledge to Your Nation? Is that wise?

    Totally agree. Forcing children to swear allegiance to a gaudy piece of cloth is child abuse.

    And look at the problems it causes - generation after generation of Americans grow up believing that...
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    Poll: Re: Which MH370 Scenario Do you Subscribe to?

    The problem with that being that it's completely inane and also unnecessary.

    If one of the pilots had wanted to commit suicide, here's all he needed to do ......

    Wait until the other pilot...
  19. Re: Edward Snowden speaks at TED 2014, Appearing by 'Shell Bot' - and Sir Tim Berners-Lee's web 'Bill of Rights'

    When did he arrive in Canada ????? Hardly the safest place I'd have thought
  20. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    Not sure I buy the idea of it being hijacked and kept for use at a future date, unless of course we're talking about a long time in the future, when all the fuss has died down. But even so,...
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