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  1. Re: 16-Year-old German Girl Pleads for Help From the Influx of Muslim Immigration (BANNED by FACEBOOK)

    What is Merkel scared of? and Cameron and European 'leaders' also. (Putin seems to be in control as far as I can see.)

    World leaders are scared--why else would they be sacrificing their...
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    Re: Veronika decides to die - movie

    Unusual and that's part of what makes it so good.

    Well worth watching.
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    Re: Practical help for targeted individuals?

    I noticed that when my refrigerator comes on the vibrations/noise I'm bombarded by stop. That makes me think there may be a way to counter those vibrations.
    Does anyone happen to know how that...
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    Re: FEAR- what is it to you

    Fear----One of my life long enemies, un--rational for the most part, but very real.
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    Re: One World, One Passport, Yes Please!

    In my opinion this is another step toward OWO manipulation.

    'They' are not going to implement anything except what furthers their agenda.
  6. Re: 70 Year Old Prophecy : The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity

    The reference to a new order threw cold water on it for me telling me to not trust it. If it happened that would be good but I've heard too many
    prophesies in my life to take it seriously.
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    Poll: Re: Are you prepared entering 2016?

    If Americans or others line up to be micro-chipped like sheep I will say, we got what we deserve. Are we dumbed down
    that far?
    Time to say NO! NO vaccines....No flu shots....No, no,...
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    Re: What the Governments are prepping for!

    If there was a pole shift or a planet coming even remotely close to out solar system these things would happen.
    Better to take notice and be prepared imo.
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    Re: We are being controlled... Are we?


    I avoid them in my own way....I don't fall for their manipulating crap.
    But, it's not even noticeable to them, but who cares. Let them knock themselves out.............LOL
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    Re: We are being controlled... Are we?

    Most people are being controlled in one form or another. If we are aware of the control we may allow it or avoid it or work toward eliminating it.
    We should try to free any and all who are...
  11. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    They are called smart for a reason--they are part of the big brother process used to control the masses.
    My advice--avoid them totally.....
  12. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    to me, it's all part of the conditioning by 'them' ha;ha who are they? Well, we know them and know better.
    Young people are impressionable and are being conditioned totally and it's so obvious to...
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    Re: It's what's being said, not how

    Nobody would care what I think about that.

    I'm in my seventies, always been young, still am, but foR me it's all just more noise.
    But that's just me.
    What else is there?
  14. Re: King Tut's Wet Nurse May Have Been His Sister

    All good suggestions, Sunny side. Probably all of the above and maybe more.
    An Egypt ologist would definitely know.
  15. Re: Banned UFO Footage That French Authorities Tried To Ban

    The Nazis were far advanced in technology even before WW1 with the assistance of a species of ET's I believe. They had anti-gravity and time travel I also believe. We, the US and Britten, think we...
  16. Re: Bush Military Official: The Empire's Ship is Sinking

    Because votes will be counted by machine we need to make sure there's a way to also count votes on paper with no hope of tptb to

    interfere in the process because we know they plan to have things...
  17. Re: King Tut's Wet Nurse May Have Been His Sister

    What is the significance of two snakes on the front of king tut's head dress that look like they are coming out of king tut's forehead?
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    Re: Cayce On "The Hope Of The World"

    When a prophesy does not come true it does not mean that the prophet was wrong. It means that forces greater than the forces that would have caused the disaster took preference. IMO

    That is what...
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    Re: A meeting last night with Brian O'Leary

    I think what comes to you in dreams is some profound message only you can decipher, Bill
  20. Re: U.S. DHS Posted Terrorism Advisory Bulletin Today

    The conditioning never ends. Shows that they think we are stupid.

    Lets show them otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!
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