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  1. Re: 200,000 year old sculpture of angel- found on moon!!

    I check out Dr. Morris Charles. There was a Dr. Morris Charles with credentials similar to his born in 1901 but he died...
  2. Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    Thank you Anka and Lunesolei. That was a beautiful exchange.
  3. Re: No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time

    Do you think something grown in a lab could possibly be better than meat that I fed and grew on my ranch? I suppose it all comes down to what you want to put in your body....synthetic or natural! I...
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    Re: Food shortages soon?

    I was reading this morning that LA is in a complete shut down. My first thought was how in the world will people feed their children. So many Americans live from check to check. Then I thought of...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    I found that to be especially relaxing! Thank you!
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    Re: Animals are Magical


    Do bugs count? This fellow was on my porch!
  7. Poll: Re: How Many People Here WILL Have the Vaccine and are Comfortable Doing So?

    I will not be taking it. I work from home so I don't think my job will be an issue. I suppose I will not be travelling much as I suspect a non vaccinated person will soon not be allowed on...
  8. Re: No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time

    I would not eat anything grown in a lab but especially grown in a lab in Singapore. Where I live if animals are not taken (deer) they will simply starve to death the following year without enough to...
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    Re: From Stillness into a Trump Victory

    I have always said I did not believe there was any way the left would allow Trump to win a second term. Biden will be sworn in and this will be Obama's third term. Obama will run the show and Biden...
  10. Re: Mind Blowing Experiences, the Unforgettable, the Inexplicable and the Weird.

    Years ago, I was at Mesa Verde as a graduate student. I was with a group. I was sitting on a rock at the cliff edge watching the buzzards hover on the thermal, taking pictures. The people in my...
  11. Re: Biden Declared the Winner ... the Fallout Chronicled

    This is the tricky part. If the targets are carefully chosen. There are so many people in the US (and everywhere) living from hand to mouth. I fear mostly for the children. And I fear that in the...
  12. Re: Biden Declared the Winner ... the Fallout Chronicled

    If the trucker strike is true I fear the only people who will be affected will be innocent people trying to go about their daily lives.
  13. Re: Can some one set me straight please?

    I think it is wonderful that you do that. So many men have no manners these days and apparently women as well. I always take it as a compliment when a man holds a door for me!
  14. Re: Dive with music into bliss and peacefulness
  15. Re: Pain Remedies and Battling Suicidal Thoughts

    I use Beet Root for pain. I have a bit of arthritis in my knees and I can always count on my Beets to take care of it. You can buy it online. I simply grow my own.
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    Re: Touching The Divine

    I am jamming to classical as I cook!
  17. Re: Sunspot AR 2786 so big it could swallow Earth with barely a ripple

    A fitting way to wind up this year! :yield:
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    Re: I love lentils!

    Please...add the recipe! Or come over and cook for me!! :clapping:
  19. Thread: Racism

    by Karen (Geophyz)

    Re: Racism

    I respectfully ask everyone to take a deep breath and think before you post. We are not here to attack each other, we are here to have intelligent conversation and debate. We do not have to agree...
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    Re: How to AVOID being vaccinated

    Does the US Constitution allow mandatory vaccinations:

    The Supreme Court has unequivocally answered this in the last century: yes.

    In 1904, the Supreme Court heard the case of a Massachusetts...
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