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    Re: Australia Preparing for War

    Oh please, get a grip on things Australia was supportive of the USA in most of its conflicts such WW2, korean war, vietnam war, iraq war, afghan war. Our contribution in every instance, bar WW2, has...
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    I feel similiar to Kimberley "alot of fear mongering" if you look at Duncan F, J Casbolt, M Spiers, S Adams e.t.c. you have to take what they say with a grain of salt, when you take into...
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    Re: Black Eyed Children - Very Creepy

    The sketch reminds of the Joker from Batman.[/QUOTE]

    Like I said, nothing happens in isolation. The Joker could very well be the phenomenon called The Smiling Man/the grinning man/the bogeyman....
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    Re: Black Eyed Children - Very Creepy

    The sketch reminds of the Joker from Batman.
  5. Re: Our Generation - a story that needs to be told

    Hi Hazel,
    I live in Sydney's West, Parramatta, my background is european australian. We have every nationality under the sun living here including aborginals. We all live in "harmony" that is...
  6. Re: A stone engraved with hieroglyphics falls from the sky in 1865

    Its sounds like a crash landing of a UFO.
  7. Re: How Cosmic Rays and Light Changes DNA and Evidence Thereof

    Bump bump bump
  8. Thread: Mary Rodwell

    by BMJ

    Re: Mary Rodwell Bases Conference Lecture 2014

    I agree WhiteFeather. :cool:
  9. Thread: Mary Rodwell

    by BMJ

    Mary Rodwell Bases Conference Lecture 2014

    Published on 31 Aug 2014

    Mary Rodwell gives her rare full length 2014 presentation to camera, at the...
  10. Re: WHO IS: "Michael LaVaughn Robinson"??? Comedian - Joan Rivers Knows!!!

    BUMP, as soon as I heard she died I had the same thought Jack.

    PS - Yep, looks to me like we may have another ((PTW enforced DEATH)) on our hands...:yes4:


    ((WARNING)) Keep your...
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    Re: Technological Telepathy with Animals

    Hi Omni and everyone,
    I had a conversation with my pet budgy when I was 13 years old, some 32 years ago, his voice was very crisp and clear in my mind he told me that he appreciates the time I spent...
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    Re: Do Not be Manipulated by Dreams

    Hi Guys,
    My two cents worth on this topic, I have had experiences dark / evil entities that have induced a nightmare as a means of putting me in a negative state of mind which is favourable for...
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    Re: Mind Control QnA thread

    Wrong thread sorry my mistake.
  14. Re: Revelations of 'Off World Contacts' from an Official inside the EU..!

    That was an interesting read. I think he is right about the bleed threw of other dimensions I have seen doubles of people and pets I know come threw from another timeline for the last year or so, it...
  15. Thread: Agenda 21

    by BMJ

    Re: "Agenda 21" EXPLAINED - and what you can do about it

    Thanks kanishk,

    From the greatgameindia website, the video below:

    Agenda 21 For Dummies

    Very interesting comment at 7.47 secs.
  16. Re: James Bartley - MILABS & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

    Your welcome, and thank you for posting the first video I wasn't aware of James until you brought it our attention.

    Well you hit the nail on the head James literally "has no fear". With these...
  17. Re: James Bartley - MILABS & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

    The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1 - James Bartley


    Published on 11 Aug 2013

    James Bartley pulls no punches, as he goes deeper into what is known as The Reptilian...
  18. Re: Caucasian Mummies from the Takla Makan 4000 years ago

    In the Takla Makan Desert in central Asia, mummies of non-Asian peoples were found. The mummies are dated to be 3,800 years old.

    Builders along the Silk Road were know as the Tocharians 2,000...
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    Re: The Bases Series from Miles Johnston - questions

    Also a black goo features in Star Trek TNG episode called "Skin of Evil"


    And the X-Files inseveral episodes.

    Probable Hollywood mirroring...
  20. Re: How do you manage your mental illness and what is (has been) your perception of it?

    Hi Justin,
    If this combination works for your stick to it. I'm glad to hear your off lithium though it's great for phone batteries but can cause organ failure after about ten years of continous use....
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