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  1. Re: Do you think every human is an immortal, individuated reincarnating spirit?

    I agree with Carmody that the idea of two kinds of humans-- some with spirit and some without-- is dangerous. It is very seductive to those of us who want to be "spiritual" and "evolving," and who...
  2. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #2 : Intrigues, Conspiracies, ETs, Breakaway Civilizations, Healing, and the first [small] part of THE PROJECT CAMELOT STORY

    The newsletter is SO great. :-) I love the sharing of behind-the-scenes intrigue!!! It gives us a peek into the lives and dealings of the Avalon team. What an adventure!

    Also, I am enjoying the...
  3. Re: The Obama Phenomenon: Alternative knowledge, elite machinations and the fulcrum of destiny

    Rahkyt, I deeply appreciate your well-articulated thoughts. Excellent article. It helps to have a context against which we can view the irrationally, disproportionately hostile reactions we've seen...
  4. Re: How Many Project Avalon Members See Balls of Light or Light Phenomena in the sky?

    My understanding is that the particles we see moving/floating/bouncing around, when we stare at the atmosphere, are actually the particles of cellular debris, floating in the fluid of our own...
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    Re: Open Letter to Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

    This is absolutely TRUE. And I would like to add that encouraging others is not only an act of kindness (and we cannot ever know how much that encouragement is desperately needed, or how much it may...
  6. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    This is my question, exactly, and I wonder whether our generous Avalon Member interviewee has experience or knowledge in this regard. I am curious about children whose unusual abilities or...
  7. Re: T.V. is a powerful tool ! S T O P watching the news for a week ... Tell me how you feel now and after ...

    I haven't watched the news in years. I also haven't watched commercials in years. This is why it's hard for me to get overly upset or excited about the latest scandal or issue that everyone's talking...
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    An additional thought... In the same way our governments send only those they consider expendable into danger (such as war, epidemics, chemical or bioweapons)... I imagine that a "breakaway...
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    I've been listening, reading, and learning for years. I apply my intuition and understanding to all that I see. Floating in a sea of lies, we find it difficult to discern what is real. And there are...
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    Re: The great inflammation conspiracy

    Excellent OP, HugoJudd!!

    In addition to high blood sugar, oxidized fats, and low omega 3s.... inflammation can also be caused by food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, exposure to...
  11. Re: Youtube shuts down Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain Radio channel for two hours.

    Yes, I have some doubt that this incident can definitely be blamed on YouTube alone. The title of this thread *could* be inaccurate.
  12. Re: Cancer, often regarded as a voodoo curse; and the "curse" can be dismissed

    Also, Bill, your mother is/was such an amazing person! Thank you so much for sharing some of her story.

    Also, thank you for describing the ADC (after-death contact), as this is a subject that...
  13. Re: Cancer, often regarded as a voodoo curse; and the "curse" can be dismissed

    Excellent, excellent reply, Bill. I fully agree that our health is our very own responsibility, and we do not need the permission or endorsement of anyone else, to pursue the course we believe is...
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    Re: My view on Jewish people and Zionism

    Respectfully, I implore all Avalonians-- and all humans-- to break free of this way of thinking. Racial stereotyping denies the fundamental uniqueness of individuals.... and the most common...
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    Re: Can a dead person visit here in the body?

    Christine Lori, I can imagine that this experience must have been very startling! I, too, would have felt a sense of deep significance, if I were in your place.

    Given your statement that the young...
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    Re: Something is wrong....

    East Sun, I sympathize with your emotional situation. Having experienced my own years of painful depression (though outwardly my life appeared perfectly nice), I can relate to your description.

  17. Re: MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Free online classes for everyone

  18. Re: Are you a Starseed, Wanderer, Indigo? I Calibrate your Real Planetary Origin

    Eternal One, I'm curious! I'd appreciate your reading, if you please. :)
  19. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    I have noticed many, MANY times in this lifetime, people getting offended when they discover that someone charges for their services. Specifically, in the case of human-to-human, personal services....
  20. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    Omniverse, if Carol manages to shed light on your situation, I hope you will share whatever you can... I can't be the only one who is curious to understand more about what is happening in your life.
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