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  1. Re: Why Teal Scott/Swan and the Whole Spiritual Movement is Dangerous! (Video)

    Well.. i do not listen to Teal too much, I'm subscribed to her channel, and sometimes i do click.
    The videos I had clicked and watched are great stuff, i noticed while listening to her that she can...
  2. Re: VIDEO - UFO Filmed In Florida Hovers Over Cruise Ship, Witnesses Claim; w/ Tanaath Response

    play video, see Thirdphaseofmoon .. close video ... spend that time better
  3. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website is now down)

    This is how it looks when i try post google cache to Facebook .. i think that text below is part of article.
  4. Thread: Awaken

    by DarMar

    Re: Awaken

    i had somehow discovered that from one illusion after waking up, i step into another illusion. And is constantly going asleep and waking up process.

    but ...

    I'd say only thing that is not...
  5. Re: SHORT TERM PREDICTION (possible scenario) that I sincerely hope will NOT come true!

    Yesterday i predicted that today i will be making some awesome food in big pot, so i did buy all the groceries for it.
    Today i really don't feel like doing that because some variables in meantime...
  6. Re: Interesting microscopic(?) artefact in NASA Mars Photograph (Sol 3720)

    well .. i personally didn't seen anything from nasa which would be even close to credible photo.
    Being said that, all of stuff that comes from them are cartoons and renderings including this one.
  7. Re: 10 Oct 2014 - NASA Shares What MAVEN Spacecraft Has Seen in its First Few Weeks at Mars

    well it is kinda sarcastically funny ... floating balls in vacuum and spacecrafts :D
    and badly half done renderings and sfx .. thanks god...
  8. Re: 28 Jul 2014 - Cassini Spacecraft Reveals 101 Geysers and More on Icy Saturn Moon


    thank you nasa ... heh ... :)
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    Re: The World is a Pain

    world is 50:50, you get to decide which side you observe and act on
  10. Re: NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing

    good that nasa confirms, after a bunch of their credible confirmations i feel this is really something to ..... <- enter option here

    ofc. it is in their best interest to spread ... <- enter option...
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    Re: Anomaly on 1999RQ36 Asteroid

    Thank You WolterBoekkoi,
    watched video and this man says it in a very good way, there are good questions to be asked :)
    In my experience observation changes nature of "existence" and there are...
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    Re: Anomaly on 1999RQ36 Asteroid

    this looks VERY artificial 3D.. doesn't it? grain and b/w does not add too much to reality imo. Asteroid is kinda too shiny and plastic in overall, and glassy pyramid.
    What added to it is that...
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    Re: Buy Your Kids a Synthesizer Keyboard

    i can not bear to listen to synthetic sounds.. they are awful and their vibration is unfinished.
    That plastic imitating sound does add to shortening subconscious spectrum in undeveloped age of...
  14. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    This idea has magnitude.

    If we could attract people to share personal experience, that would be great, among personal experiences ideas and solutions. Yes i hear You Dennis! idea for reset button ...
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    Surveillance camera MAN

    This guy got some interesting way to prove point.

    He walks arround and filming people with camera, they all look too confused. And people are very nerved, but as he says.. are you aware that you...
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    Re: Advanced Extraterrestrials are Vastly Atheist

    if you would people only STOP for a moment and listen!

    I was interested in omni's topic and was reading and it started to look like vacation thread...
    same happened to earthlink in moment i was...
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    Re: I need to encrypt a file ASAP

    actually is pretty pointless to use third party software, because if you loose software you lost it all..

    what i know to do is explode file back to basic state (binaries)...
  18. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    <3 <3 <3

    Wonderful words and I like idea.
    I can also offer some of my services if someone finds them useful in spreading voice. Ideas are welcome.

    My work involves from compositing video, 2D,...
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    Re: Ulcerative Colitis

    So you wanted to add some more alternative theories to the bunch?

    You did not described your situation well. It says in your post that everything is as it should be but is not. feeding correctly,...
  20. Thread: Crazy Weather

    by DarMar

    Re: Crazy Weather

    Well, was just reading those articles and there is some connection with those monsanto dudes and weathers..
    Didn't saw some reports on this forum but serbia, bosnia and croatia had sever flooding...
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