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    Nothing but a bunch of "knuckle draggers" !!:thumbsdown:
  2. Re: Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barcleys and RBS found guilty of rigging foreign exchange prices of U.S. dollars and euros from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2013.

    Fines my rear end..............they need to be charged and jail sentences handed out accordingly and then their way of business shut down permanently!!
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    Re: ? ? ? interest in a daily news digest ? ? ?

    Thank you e.Man, and a Big WELCOME :)

    I think we need to get all the info we can these days so your efforts will be highly appreciated by me.........:highfive:
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    Thank you to our First Nations people in Canada :heart:

    Through hundreds of years of ongoing repression, suppression and ongoing oppression they continue to hold onto their values and traditions...
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    Canadians in general are really not a whole lot more least my family and extended circle of people have no real idea about the Bank of Canada and how we too borrow money from the...
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    Re: The crafting and hand making zone

    Beautiful artistry ladies, I especially love the choker necklaces Nat_Lee and the turtle bracelets Ulli. :star:
  7. Re: A very interesting video on 911 that cannot be debunked that I had never seen before....

    This a very informative video about the Pentagon and links to the Trade Centre as well......... Terrifying Final Conclusion!! recently released according to the date of publishing on...
  8. Re: Bionic Lens means perfect vision without ever needing glasses or contacts says British Columbia doctor

    You can practice eye exercises to restore the muscles in your eyes and I am here to attest that it works!! I no longer wear contacts or use glasses at all ............just google it , actually it is...
  9. Re: PROJECT AVALON NEWSLETTER #6 : The Alternative Community and the Human Condition - and The Human Body and its Spiritual Counterpart

    Honour and respect to all of Earths creations>>>>>>Thank you :)
  10. Re: UNREAL!! U.S. Army Soldier Wearing Invisibility Suit!! 2015

    More propaganda for war...............listen to the messages beside the big pitch of invisibility..........Limor......Love your post. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Why i chose my avalon icon

    I chose my icon because it is me and my little dog :dog:
  12. Thread: Baltimore

    by sandy

    Re: Baltimore

    Blow back .........from austerity, injustice, social engineering and compliance for sure, imho. Lots more on the way too me thinks from all over the world. :(
  13. Re: Gunmen shot dead at Dallas conference on Prophet cartoons...4/5/15

    Dupes, Dupes and more Dupes IMHO!!
  14. Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    I hear you InCIDeR :)

    I spent 30 years in the systems of welfare,unemployment,education,national and local governments,training facilitation, federal and provincial corrections, addictions arena,...
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    Re: Myra Hindley... Moors Murders... I wonder???

    Hi Flash,

    The murders of the many prostitutes in Western Canada happened on a pig farm, owned by Robert Picton and his brother I believe. The farm was in the suburbs of Vancouver City in the...
  16. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    Great way for a writer to get feedback on a manuscript :)

    Good narrative and writing ability, not to mention research on the subject, so will keep reading to see where it goes.

    Somehow my...
  17. Re: Graham Hancock on Magicians of the Gods preview interview and presentation....2015

    Thanks for all the great video's Cidersomerset>>>>>>>>>>>love this stuff :cool:
  18. Re: Outstanding interview: John B Wells interviews Patrick Wood "Technocracy Rising" - What's behind the transformation of civilization?

    Just found another name for the Elite.................Scientists/Technology it seems................ but still the meme is so entrenched and enmeshed there is not much hope in dismantling it without...
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    Re: Men sharing their feelings

    Wow, love the authenticity of all the posters insights, experience and learning......

    Great Thread Natalie :thumb:

    I have always believed, inside we are the same. Feelings/Emotions are the one...
  20. Thread: Coming HOME

    by sandy

    Re: Coming HOME

    No place like home.....................good to have you return :)
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