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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    Hi Bob! What else is to say? certainly a lot...I concur with you on this:) it's so true, we are already whole, and ALL that is. Could we be more than that? I just think WHO we are wants to EXPERIENCE...
  2. Re: ~ The Awakening ~ Virginia Marie Swift ~

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Snowbird! great to have a reminder. Follow the energy that feels good... I say yes:)

  3. Re: A warning from benevolent ETs about our future - over 60 years ago

    Hi everyone!

    Billyji, what you're saying resonates with me.. real love comes from a "not demanding" heart:) when we give or do something with an Ego expecting to be praised, our actions don't have...
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Hey Ade,

    Hope you're doing good.. You're very welcome (and don't hesitate if one these you want to drop a few lines in PM)

    That interview had a tremendous impact, maybe not everyone feels...
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Hi Ade,

    I can relate to the "seeing sort of wispy fileds above plants, animals" part- definitely energy or aura or whatever they want to call it:) - I am no doctor, but I don't think you're...
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Hi all!

    I don't know if this has been posted before, just discovered it myself and was blown away (as usual, Inelia is just pure Light) ...
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    Re: Meditation is very simple.

    like the way you did use words Pie'neal.. there's that dichotomy when it comes to describing or analysing meditation: everyone's experiences of it will be different, creating different outcomes or...
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    Re: The Body Intelligence

    Heartsong, I hear ya:) I really had to make peace with mine and listen to its needs AND Love it, so we have our good times, and bad times, like every couple lol;) still in the learning process. I...
  9. Re: Things you can do NOW to improve your life

    ooops sorry, my fingers slipped:)

    So, thank you for such a refreshing message!!! Just what I needed right this moment;-) Worth sharing and spreading!

    Much love to all

  10. Re: Things you can do NOW to improve your life

    Hi Wormhole! Thanks you for such
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    Re: Healing through meditation

    Wonderful...thank you so much Nanoo Nanoo
  12. Re: Are you a Starseed, Wanderer, Indigo? I Calibrate your Real Planetary Origin

    Hello Eternal One,

    Thanks for this great informative thread! helps us understanding ourself, and others and thus growing in our capacity to Love in general.. Very interesting and useful. I would...
  13. Re: The Milky Way as you've never seen it before

    WOW This is Beauty beyond words... Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. Re: BLESSED UNREST - this is what we are doing at Project Avalon. MUST WATCH video

    This is delicious and nourishing food for the soul...:), thanks Bill! and to think there's still a lot of dormant potentitial out in us, and out there..
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    Re: An experience that changed my life

    Thank you Bill. That story of yours nearly moved me to tears... wow. Great lesson there!
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    ha ha I see what you mean:) when I watch Inelia's interviews I'm like: who does she remind me of...? on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite figure a name out or anything. I heard her say once...
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    Re: Inelia's full interview now published

    One of the most incredible interview I've ever seen..that message resonated with me on so many levels, a huge thank to Bill and Inelia!!!!! I don't feel "strange" anymore.. When I shared that video...
  18. Re: Is enlightenment the only way / the limits to information?

    I totally agree. Each and everyone of us has his own path to follow, and there might be a lot of different ways to get there. Thus No one is wrong.. I guess in the end it is just a question of...
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