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  1. Re: Our very own Bill Ryan gets a mention in the mainstream news

    I listened to Bill's Charles material yesterday and it's got that ring of authenticity all these years later so good work there. However I recently checked out Project Avalon Military Advanced...
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    Royal Approved Child Abusers

    I'd appreciate it if the Project Avalon community could visit this new post on the subject. Thank you.276452764527645
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    J Rod Strategies set up by ex Spooks

    Sounds like they're just taking the mick but still
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    Re: John Judge is dead

    John Judges videos on Youtube are some of the best analysis on the net. He was intelligent, witty and way ahead of his time in understanding that hate will not triumph over the appalling power elite....
  5. Re: The Banned Princess Diana Documentary Is Temporarily Available.

    John Morgan answers all your questions. Google other interviews to get the full picture.
  6. The Banned Princess Diana Documentary Is Temporarily Available.

    I urge you to watch it as it never lasts long and it is excellent
  7. Re: A credible insider whistleblower, and some extremely important information -- if true

    Playing devils advocate to Bill's post:

    Raf, Hi!

    I know what you mean. But there's another interpretation as well: that maybe there's no smoke without fire.

    The underground bases are...
  8. Amputee Crisis Actors - A New Low In Information Warfare

    It looks like the whole Boston bombing was staged too. Not just the patsies.
  9. CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    Of course the CIA have to tell lies but it's an unusually firm rebuttal.
  10. Lord Mayor of London confirms British spies film, recruit and blackmail paedophiles to control politics

    Just as we learned from Cathy O'Brien, David Icke and the Franklin Scandal. We now have confirmation. Please listen to this 30 second audio clip and share around the planet. Now we now politics is...
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    Jimmy Savile Worked For MI5

    Explosive Breaking News Post about how Jimmy Savile moved with ease in Royal, Govt and Intelligence circles over here.
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    David Icke Has Been Talking About Jimmy Savile For Years

    David talks about this in his latest radio interview. It's a great opportunity to give David the credibility he deserves with an outside audience who have only the corporate media to form an opinion.
  13. Award Winning CNN Journalist To Alex Jones - You're Not A Conspiracy Theorist

    Post over here
  14. "With The Coolest People In The World" - Anna Ardin's Tweet After Sex With Assange

    I've presented the evidence and posted an excellent documentary here.
  15. Re: John Lear accuses Douglas Dietrich of being Naval Disinformation

    I thought you might be interested in one of Douglas Dietrich public replies. To date John Lear is silent. He smears great but defends very badly. Which is telling.
  16. John Lear accuses Douglas Dietrich of being Naval Disinformation

    John wrote: "I listened to a couple of hours of Dietrich and he seems to be a Navy disinfo agent. He mixes up the Tonopah Test Range with Area 51. His story about the flag on the Missouri at the end...
  17. Re: Clif High, The Simpsons, and New Age Priests

    Criticizing Clif is like being jealous of his grasp of matterium, martial arts and boat building.... Unlike any other individual or channelled message Clif says you'd be mad to take him seriously....
  18. Re: David Wilcock "DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny"

    The very idea of announcing 'arrests' beforehand is absurd... agreed.

    Also it makes reasonable sense that the clampdown could be the elites battening down the hatches and using Drake as...
  19. Re: Clif High, The Simpsons, and New Age Priests

    I'm disappointed in Bill's grasp of Clif's 'last day' message. Ah well....we all make mistakes. Me included.
  20. Re: Clif High, The Simpsons, and New Age Priests

    None of us are making a lot of sense but right now I'm enjoying Clif High and a guy called jonnydontplay on Youtube. However......

    I find it baffling that so many people believe the 'last day of...
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