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  1. Thread: L i f e

    by WhiteFeather


    Indeed,,,,,We are all the proverbial small chips, off the block of the multiverse, which connects us to everything.
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    Re: Music to open your soul

    "Earth Prayer" by Snatum Kaur, another vibral nugget.
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    Todd Boston

    Cool Thread. Some vibes by Todd Boston, enjoy the spirits. :sun:
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    Re: Dubai is buying Jetpacks

    Awesome, If found this too. Can't believe he has the bravery to jump out of the plane strapped on to the wing apparatus thingy and then jets away at sick speeds. Watch this. OMG!!!
  5. Re: Man Dies After Parasitic Tapeworm In His Body Gets Cancer

    How to detox from Parasites: An excellent wealth of info here:
  6. Re: Man Dies After Parasitic Tapeworm In His Body Gets Cancer

    I so agree, Cancer is basically an invasion of parasites such as tapeworms etc and fungus. Kill the parasite, kill the cancer. Dr. Hulda Clarke has some great stuff on this topic, in my opinion.
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    Re: The Five Human Weaknesses - Video

    Thanks to Lovespot for this by Lady Gaga. One of the weaknesses we experience, it fits adhered to this thread.
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    The Five Human Weaknesses - Video

    Just recently came across the website, some awesome info there, and this video that i found worthy to this forum. Thought to share with the choir.

    We are all from 1 tribe
  9. Re: Is it me, or is it Youtube - longer, less popular, videos almost unplayable

    It happens occasionally with my Mac.
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    Today i woke up....

    Some kind words.....

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Thank You my friend.
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    Alan Watts - It's time to wake up......

    Yes I'm preaching to the choir. So enjoy the choir practice video here my peeps. You are an infinite being, and so, let me be the first one to say, I Love You, if you haven't heard it yet today. ...
  12. Re: The true story of Christopher Columbus by Native Elder Wanbli Tate

    Thanks for all your heartfelt input. Wado (Thank You) in Cherokee Tongue. :inlove:

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Awesome stuff, Thanks Dennis for posting it , and much thanks to Wade for that as well.
  13. Re: The Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed - GcMAF?
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    Re: Documentary: Billions in Change

    Fantastic stuff. Wado - Thank You (Cherokee Tongue) for this. :inlove:
  15. Re: I Might Have Seen My First UFO Last Night

    Is it ours, or from the stars? Thanks for sharing this. I so enjoy when I see strange lights in the sky. It ensures me that we are not alone. Believing is not enough. :sun:
  16. Re: The true story of Christopher Columbus by Native Elder Wanbli Tate

    Very good news indeed Cider. Thanks for that contribution to the thread. PS Happy Indigenous Natives Day. And the bump for today.
  17. Re: Is the counterculture today doing a better job than the counterculture in the 60s and 70s?

    I think that today there are many creating their own grass roots intentions for a better world for change and betterment for the planet and its inhabitants. If I remember, awhile back,,,, was it...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

    If I may. Don't mean to rain on this thread. But here's the true story of American Thanksgiving. Words by the Manatakan American Indian Council in Susan Bates.

    STORY OF...
  19. Re: Victory for Digital Privacy in California?

    I still have a dumb flip phone. It doesn't need much charging. You can get a hold of me mostly anytime because it doesn't die like many smart phones do these days.. I use it for what a phone is...
  20. The true story of Christopher Columbus by Native Elder Wanbli Tate

    Wanbli Tate an American Indian Elder tells his side of the story of Christopher Columbus on an interview by RT news. An informative listen of these words as he speaks of the genocide that took place...
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