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    Re: Resonant Frequency Breakthrough

    The silence between the notes..... the emptiness between thoughts
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    Re: Trump is NOT the answer

    Here are the facts about Trumps “both sides” remark. (The whole transcript)

  3. Re: Crumbling Infrastructure and a Very Bad Day for Greedy anti-tax Elites

    Yes, a Crumbling Infrastructure . But, the US is still far and away the world's top military superpower. :o

    You can only spend your (borrowed) money once, right ?

  4. Re: Ticks, midges (sandflies) and mosquitoes - solutions to prevent being bitten by the suckers!

    Remember that small blue glass jar, Viks VapoRub. :)

    Ticks hate Vicks, which is great news for us!
    Smear a little Vicks near the tick and he’ll probably let go. Make sure you’re ready to kill...
  5. Re: Netflix movie: 'The Wandering Earth'.

    Yes earth makes you wonder sometimes, but the title of the movie is indeed ‘The Wandering Earth’ .
    Iching is right . :)

    Add, I’m watching it at this moment.
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    Re: Making one's own musical instruments

    About 15 years ago I made two `basic` instruments. A drum + stick and a rattle...... the shaman way.

    The fact that I made them with my own hands, made them almost part of my body.

    They are...
  7. Re: German Chancellor Seen Shaking yet again....

    Might be a hypoglycemic attack. Perhaps she has diabetes.
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    Re: I shouldn't actually be alive now... :)

    Right ! As snow is a form of water.
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    View Post

    Yes they are still active.

    Events of yellow vests in Paris and throughout France...
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    Re: You Are Being Groomed......

    Yes amor. What is OA ?
    I thought as a non native speaker it was my shortcoming not to know that.
    So I looked it up.

    What is OA? (In Internet slang)

    OA is "Over Acting" or "Over Achiever"
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    Re: I shouldn't actually be alive now... :)

    One evening, while on a winter holiday, my partner and I thought it would be fun to go tobogganing in the evening on a floodlit track.
    In the middle of the track was a path, crossing a steep icy...
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    You Are Being Groomed......


    Big Tech is predatory.

    "Right now - through SMARTphones and Apps they are softening you (and your kids) up for a lifetime of exploitation."

    It's all about surveillance control like in...
  13. Re: Reptilians, Law of One and the Illuminati

    Thanks for posting TomKat.

    I’m familiar with the work of David Icke and I know the Cathy O’Brien’s story as well.
    Jay Parker’s story matches ......
  14. Re: Fake but Scary.. Zuckerberg rants on how he controls your data

    You’ll never know, babe.......

    But I know “l Am The One”.
  15. Re: Fake but Scary.. Zuckerberg rants on how he controls your data

    Deep fake technology .

    “AI deepfakes are now as simple as typing whatever you want your subject to say.”
  16. Thread: Treason

    by Deux Corbeaux

    Re: Treason

    Sidney Powell explains it all so very well.
    She is the author of “Licence to Lie: exposing corruption in the department of justice.”

    It seems there are two completely different sets of rules, one...
  17. Re: Jordan Peterson: A Voice Uttering Horse Sense In A Desert Of Thoughts

    Jordan Peterson doesn't understand postmodernism. What a pile of nonsense in that article!

    Postmodernism and marxism stand in sharp contrast to each other, while both of them have nothing to do...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    Somehow I have the feeling that eventually a Brexit is never going to happen......
  19. Re: Thought-Provoking Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes

    Thank you for the pdf of The Ending of Time dialogues.

    In this case it’s (for me) easier to read the text than listening to the conversation between the two men. Most of the time it’s the other...
  20. Re: Thought-Provoking Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes

    Thank you carpenter for giving Krishnamurti and his Gift to the West the attention it deserves.

    And let´s also thank Helena Blavatsky and her pupils Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater for finding,...
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