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  1. Re: Pedophilia outside USA's Hollywood centered world

    This was just posted today by an actor/producer who is on the right side of the equation. It is worthy of your 20 min time even while the end seemed "cut off".
  2. Re: About GLP (the Godlike Productions forum), a source of controlled disinformation.

    Like many forums they contain the useful and the deplorable. I am not a member of GLP but I have browsed it for many years. I am there looking for the distinctive, select worthy piece of information....
  3. Re: David Icke Rose-Icke 5 - The Answer, August 2, 2020

    I am a subscribed member of London Real and cannot access any of the interview. Was able to watch the prior ones but not this one. I thought the hold up must be for editing purposes?
  4. Re: If the satanic cult were ever to prevail...

    I believe East Sun that the goal in this lifetime is to get awake to the idea of reincarnation. It was a program designed by the 4th Dimensional ghoulies to keep us coming back again and again so...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    There is also another tweet gone viral today on twitter about Oprah. Bit by bit the big names will be exposed. Oprah had to delete all her followers so she said because of the ugly tweets. She is...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Yes pyrangello what got me were the Central Park Tents and the D.U.M.B right smack in the middle of the park with a hidden entrance/exit whereby they could carry the damaged kids to safety. Many were...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    There is a second video of July 3 2020 same Christian channel of His Glory. It is worthy if you can YT it. In that video Gene talks in detail more globally about the EQ that were specifically rated...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Thank you Star Mariner for posting this film coming. Unfortunately it won't be available to my area and won't let me even see the trailer. More censored issues? Idk. It would seem your heart is in...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    I have only read a few pages of this long thread and forgive me if I am redundant to what has been posted. But going through 79 pages is not happening right now. LOL.

    For the last month I have...
  10. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    I am just wondering Bill, before we say a super soldier of any level is not credible, that we also take into effect that they were mind fractured, mind controlled, filled to the brim with alters and...
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    Re: Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

    This Epstein Maxwell scenario is filled to the brim with layers of connections that once revealed will be an explosion of such a magnitude. I ran into a website that had a graph -- the kind that has...
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    Re: Heart problems and arrhythmias

    Bill, I was born with a heart murmur and I have consistently a very irregular heart rate. When I was a cardiac nurse the residents would hook me up to a monitor and did their omg's. But hey 73 yrs...
  13. Re: "Preparations Have Already Begun": David Icke on Agenda2030

    One of David Icke's grand statements recently, actually, on Brian Rose LondonReal interview was that we are all different points of attention on a narrow band of frequency of a vast consciousness. He...
  14. Re: Karl Schwarz files the biggest class-action lawsuit ever on the Medical Cabal

    Thank you Spade. Very good info.
  15. Re: President of Ghana confirms the second lock down for 2020

    I just saw this on Twitter and I hope it goes viral. Listening to the President of Ghana reading this piece of filth validates what so many of us have been knowing/feeling. He was so passionate and...
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    Re: Corey Goode's cruel sociopathic behaviour

    I won't get on the bandwagon about Corey because like many he had to be mind controlled and probably went thrugh MILAB torture of sorts. That will bring up anything spurious.
    My question is has...
  17. Thread: Antifa

    by bettye198

    Re: Antifa

    Thank you for posting this. Is it only those of us who have lived a pretty good full life that aligns with this? We are setting examples for our children and grandchildren and this is okay to light...
  18. Re: What is the most critical thing in our lives that we need an answer to?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I get my answers to prayers in dreams and usually when I am distracted and a message comes forth out of the blue from something or someone else.

    I had a...
  19. Re: Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned

    I was alerted to this site and I do know the background of Jerome Corsi. Whatever intel he has is compelling.
  20. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    I have spent a week or more just reeling like most of you. There is a piece of all of us that finds the story spurious and a piece of the story that has happened multiple times in all neighborhoods....
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