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    Re: Bitcoin - who does it benefit?

    Hi Silo, I just saw your post today. It seems there is enough evidence that such scenarios are real and on the plan, it is enough to view the on going regulations on the Internet and the...
  2. Re: The montauk chronicles - Christopher Garetano

    Hi vano915, I can't find it separately on Youtube or via Google, but it may be there somewhere on the net. There is quite a lot of publicity going on for the new movie/documantry, I purchased it...
  3. Re: The montauk chronicles - Christopher Garetano

    At a certain point in the interview Christopher Garetano suggests to consolidate Milab information and organise a forum, this sounds like an interesting initative
    (from 1:16:00 -1:20:00 )

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    Re: Surfing with Wind

    Jason deCaires deep sea sculptures ~
  5. The montauk chronicles - Christopher Garetano

    Christopher Garetano is the producer of the Movie/documantry 'Montauk Chronicles', premiered at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York in January of 2015. He is the guest at Solaris BlueRaven...
  6. Re: Why is Israel preparing for an alien invasion?

    Inaiá , I am so sorry to hear this, but not surprised. The thought that there are citizens on this planet that are considered a lower class even with regards to the normal is unbearable. I need to...
  7. Re: Why is Israel preparing for an alien invasion?

    Buares, this may seem rather justified and rather helpful (I might be wrong here) if the real intent of the 'law enforcement and social services program' of the Brazilian police unit is to truly...
  8. Re: Why is Israel preparing for an alien invasion?

    A minor correct to my comment above, If a real false flag attack happens, it possibly has to do with the 'war of worlds' happening above our heads at this time, which may be connected to the sealing...
  9. Thread: Injustice!!

    by Limor Wolf

    Re: Injustice!!

    I would do that, but my pitiful stupid little complaints are in cosmic abundance and at length !! :)

    So here is a small and a relevant one - There were a very few short months when I gladly joined...
  10. Re: Scheduled Events of Interest for Project Avalon Forum Members and Guests

    Bumping tomorrows - Round Table Discussion Event for The Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid

    •Eve Lorgen
    •James Bartley,
    •Brenda Butler
    •Bernhard Günther
    •Laura Leon

    February 28, 2015 at 6 pm...
  11. Re: Why is Israel preparing for an alien invasion?

    I would say Israel knows very well that there is no real invasion coming via spaceships through the skies, even though Milabs are being trained and tested to see if they are able to distinct between...
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    Re: John Lash's Kalika war party

    Yes it is, but it is also about the various nuances and bounderies within the personal details provided.. one never knows when the tail will be going against them. If information is not going well,...
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    Re: The wes penre papers

    Hello, Yelik, I agree with you that Wes Penre's papers are a good and important reading, as with everything else is best to be read with discernement.

    A previous thread was opened here -
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    Re: Greer on Gov & ET interactions

    I believe it is worth posting Wes Penre's chapter 5, Level II on this thread -

    Blessings ~

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    Re: John Lash's Kalika war party

    In truth and honor, any meaning of criticism of a public figure (especially one who made his work about the archonic forces intervening and dictating our world ) should idealy be related to the work...
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    Re: What a wonderful Kosmos !!!

    Just this morning I read a few more chapters on the Wes Penre papers, Level II, and would like to post it here, to add to the discussion and sentiment :

    4. The Dangers of Only Embracing Love and...
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    Re: Aldebaran, Anyone Care to Elaborate?

    Hello DNA, You are able to get more background with Peter Lavenda's work in the link below. The Aldebaran beings are believed to be associated with the third Reich, and now with the fourth reich.....
  18. Re: Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition

    Thank you for this valuable thread, Cidersomerset, and for your investment in posting it. It indeed reflects the 'theather' on the small microcosm side of politics, the manipulation, brainwashing and...
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    Re: Bitcoin - who does it benefit?

    Bitcoin - who does it benefit?

    Hello Morbid, Warm welcome to Avalon. There are a couple of threads on this subject which may be of interest to you: see this Advanced search
  20. Re: Giant creatures burial place was found in central Africa-

    Thanks buares, it's good to go back and bring such subjects to a closure after four years. 'The Weekly World News' can certainly be perpetuated as an unreliable source. The interesting detail is that...
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