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  1. Re: Man tests if Google is listening to his mic in live video... Watch what he finds

    The mic in the macbook is in the sound settings in systm preferences.. Not the keyboard area.. Go to input. If you cannot find it, try your bluetooth connections tab as those also attach to sound for...
  2. Re: Did Anyone Just Experience a Timeline Shift?

    I did not experience this today, but I did come across a post that was made apparently by me, on a thread last week. And I have zero recall of writing it or posting it. And I did bring it to the...
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    Re: Message from 2036

    Well for one thing I think the US would sooner explode before they allowed Donald Trump to serve an unconstitutional third term--not to mention a forth--term as President :) .[/QUOTE]

    I think if...
  4. Re: Interesting, Kevin Briggs on what Blue Avians really look like

    I am cracking up... "I still wasn't sure I wasn't dreaming, so I asked for this and that".. I did the same thing..

    It is nice to know that others are not only speaking up about such things, but...
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    Re: Sexsomnia and you...

    That's the kind of reaction I'd expect from ANY sleepwalker, but for some strange unbeknownst reason, some people seem to think sleepwalking is something they need to 'learn to live with'. Glad you...
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    Re: Sexsomnia and you...

    I am a former sleepwalker.. I have actually gotten dressed, locked the door behind me and gone for walks, only waking up when sprinklers hit me, and then I would return home to find I was locked out,...
  7. Re: Spirituality, Indigo Children, Star seeds, Awakening......

    Fear.. The great cancer of the world..

    We have been taught our whole lives to fear.. Fear punishments for misbehaving, while trying to establish boundaries, fear not "Fitting in" to social...
  8. Re: CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    I dunno about the Eiffel twer and those bridges that you're selling.. I am still holding my raincheck for the last time you sold the Brooklyn Bridge. I never did get my share of that HAHAHA. Do those...
  9. Re: Overstock Company CEO resigns to Reveal he was an FBI Pawn

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that thought that something seemed to be missing!
  10. Re: Overstock Company CEO resigns to Reveal he was an FBI Pawn

    So do you believe they "Set him up" because he was involved in crypto currency? Or that he tried to take them down, for their corruption, having also mentioned a supposed "Bribe".. I did note that he...
  11. Re: Overstock Company CEO resigns to Reveal he was an FBI Pawn

    Thank you for this. The whole "Admission" didn't feel right to me. I mean, he is claiming that he was running an FBI operation, never having spoken to the X, Y, and Z to validate such things prior to...
  12. Re: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

    There was a video online by a youtube user that went by the name "ComputerBooter150" I believe.. (I will check this before I post the link..

    I had already gotten to the point where I had no trust...
  13. Re: Overstock Company CEO resigns to Reveal he was an FBI Pawn

    I think that before we start considering how this affects HRC or Trump.. or anything else, we need to determine the truth of his claims, as if we start pondering implications before we know that,...
  14. Re: Overstock Company CEO resigns to Reveal he was an FBI Pawn

    WOW, Great find...
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    Re: Why have a Space Force?

    Meanwhile, Richard Branson is getting closer to space tourism.. Naw, we can't be in space yet right?
  16. Re: Are goodlooking people often a**holes? And why does Hollywood always seem to ruin good books?

    HAHAHA... you just made my day... I am laughing so hard right now.. THANK YOU BILL..
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    Re: All about Richard Doty

    I agree with John on this one.
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    I can help you on that one there apokalypse..

    We have a space force.. It is listed as a major military force, which means it is not just a few geeks launching...
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    Re: Extraordinary People

  20. Re: What would you do if you discovered your dead mother's remains had been sold to the US military?

    Well - Perhaps the military should be more upfront and offer to pay the families the 6K directly. I would imagine many would go for it. Especially considering how expensive burials and cremations...
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