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  1. Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    The historian Alan Wilson has said in his research that Britain was left devastated by an impact of some kind.
    Probably a comet
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    Re: Not My President reaction

    They are right in a way, until he is sworn into office in the new year.
    Then he is their president :bigsmile::bigsmile:
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    Re: Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?

    Another Buddhist temple to have a look at is
    Throssel Hole Buddhist centre in Northumberland.

    Also while in Northumberland take a trip to the holy island of Lindisfarne
    or just called holy...
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    Re: Spiritual Places to Visit in the U.K.?

    When they come to Cumbria and the Scottish borders a few places to consider looking at may be

    Castlerigg stone circle. Neolithic/ Bronze age which is in the lake district national park near...
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    Re: Brexit & Identity crisis

    I voted to leave and my reasons are I have thought for a long time it is a very bad idea to give so much power
    to just a few people especially when they are unelected and unaccountable to anyone....
  6. Re: Depressing survey results show how extremely stupid America has become

    I personally do not think it's fair to single out one country, here in Britain its just as bad.
    some people I know mainly ones in their teens or early twenties and some older say some astounding...
  7. Re: The PANAMA PAPERS: ICIJ Lifts Veil on Offshore World - Historic Leak - Implicating World Leaders, Giant Corporations

    todays uk column with Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson give a good explanation of what might be going on.
  8. Re: Pepe Escobar: Saud's unloading their bonds (The Secret Behind the Next Global Crash)

    An article I read by David stockman explained the debt situation well. He wrote
    there are to many empty skyscrapers in china, to many idle oil wells in the united states, to much stuff in general...
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    Re: Beautiful Nature pics

    this is a place called Hartside , its much nicer on a clearer day but you can still see the mountains of the lake district in the distance....
  10. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    its sad to see, an example at work in the canteen nearly everyone will eat first then straight onto the dumbphones or do both.
    I often say to people " try looking up once in a while you might see...
  11. Re: Cumbria UK hit hard with 4 storms in quick succession

    that is a picture of the cricket club in Carlisle
  12. Re: Cumbria UK hit hard with 4 storms in quick succession

    I live near one of the towns effected and went for a look this morning .
    the main roundabout to get into town is under water again and the bridge to get into town is closed off.
    there are a lot of...
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    Re: Prediction Exercise Thread

    The 3rd and 5th of November have been mentioned that something may happen then.
    I predict you will see fireworks on the 5th of November...😊
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    hi Citizen No2 thank you for the great advice I am very grateful thanks
  15. Re: BBC and mainstream UK news glorifying a rich, edified imposter

    The MSM keep having a go at people who are unemployed making up programs called benefits street which I do not watch.
    Maybe the makers of benefit street could go to Buckingham palace road and meet...
  16. Re: What fiction books are you reading currently?

    3 fictional books I enjoyed reading by Graham Hancock
    War God night of the witch.
    War God return of the plumed serpent.
  17. Re: Deeply, deeply horrifying all around...

    It is horrible to think how low certain individuals will go for bits of paper or electrons on a computer screen.
    That is shocking and unfortunately I bet there are more. Psychopaths with no empathy...
  18. Re: The Fall of China: There Will Be No Economic Recovery - Stefan Molyneux, 9 July 2015

    A few years ago I learned one of the reasons a stock plummets in price is sometimes caused by all the stock been bought up.
    If there is no more stock to buy it does not stay at the price for long...
  19. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    thank you all for sharing such moving experiences.
    My uncle has Alzheimer's and is now in a clinic waiting for a place in a care home to become available.
    My auntie tried her best for long enough...
  20. Re: Thousands call for the North of England to become part of Scotland

    if MPs started putting people first I for one would support them 100%
    it is amazing how the MPs claim there is no money and we need austerity, forcing more and more people to use food banks
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