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    Re: If you could ask God a question...



  2. Re: Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.

    Yep, great film and an amazing sound track.

    All of the music was done by Peter Gabriel and the soundtrack album is called Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit Proof Fence. There's a great...
  3. Re: Elon Musk Declares INDEPENDENCE, SpaceX Says Mars Colony WILL NOT Follow Earth's Laws

    Well, he may get a shock (if he doesn't already know!) when he discovers there's a whole bunch of stuff already going on there. :)[/QUOTE]

    Have we any solid proof that would bolster this claim?...
  4. Re: Diamonds out of thin air & the modern day alchemist...

    I expect that he'll be receiving (if not already has) a phone call from DeBeers...............

    ........ Either that, or a mysterious car crash or fall.
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    Re: Vitamin D beats vaccines every day

    About a couple of years ago I started to take, daily, these:

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D & D3

    I take esomeprazole daily to help my stomach lining after some surgery about 2 years ago, and I also...
  6. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Joe Biden is confirmed as "Peter Henderson", who seems to be very friendly with the some of the ruling Chinese elite:


    And Hunter, again, right in the thick of it:

  7. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    For those of us who do not want to open these files, can you describe its contents? (If it's child pornography I don't even want to go near it)....[/QUOTE]

    "It then abruptly cuts to Hunter...
  8. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    ----------------------------VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED-----------------------------

    Well, well, well............... The first major bombshell has dropped!

    Before this link, I have to warn...
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    Re: If You Ruled the World....

    Your fourth point Star Mariner, bolded, is an excellent statement.

    What utter bastar*s keeping that info from humanity, can you imagine the path we would've gone down had it not been covered-up...
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    Re: If You Ruled the World....

    Nothing nefarious going on here. :)

    I did explain in the reason for edit at the bottom of your post, but perhaps you missed it. Anyway, here's what happened: I deleted Plissken Boon's post that...
  11. Re: Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told

    I'm getting the same result with the links you post, I get the "Page Failed to Open" message each time I copy and paste your links.
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    Re: If You Ruled the World....

    I'm not sure how I'd go about installing peace and harmony upon this land if I was the Boss, but I do know this much.......

    I'd de-criminalise and regulate all drugs and educate, educate, educate...
  13. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Remember the GCHQ & NSA "Tempora" ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) programme that Edward Snowden talked about?

    That was a "full-take" system that took every single electronic communication that...
  14. Re: What are your favourite Project Avalon threads ever?

    This posted info is in reference to ByTheNorthernSea's post, no.2 in this thread, and the Roswell thread he mentions there.

    This video testimony, lead by Stanton Friedman in July 1991, is of...
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    Re: Meme Your Memeist Memes Thread

    What........... On this thread?

  16. Re: Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told

    I've seen people try to obfuscate it to make it look like it's been discredited, but I've never seen it actually discredited.

    Documents and written testimonies of witnesses can't be used as...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    These words from Haruki Murakami's South of the Border, West of the Sun are some of the most beautiful ever committed to print......... I sometimes struggle to read them without becoming emotional.
  18. Re: "I can't keep up any more." The world of Future Shock is already here

    Captain Rock: To the Future Shock!


    Not relevant apart from the title........ But why not!!

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    Since Autumn has arrived here, I'm having my first roast Sunday dinner since Spring.

    Roast beef, roast potatoes, peas, carrots and Yorkshire pudding...... Topped off with gravy.

    Oh man-o-man,...
  20. Re: Bi-partisan Deepstate Perception Managers Working Overtime in 2020 Serving Dystopian Agenda2030

    Thanks for the link to the talk by Dolores Cahill John.

    What an outstanding, educated and erudite lady, and WoW........ Explosive information. I've already forwarded the link to several people.
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