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    Re: Finding spiritual truth?

    I find Truth in The Void.
  2. Re: Richard Dolan's New Book: The Alien Agendas

    This is what I like about him. No Corey-Goode stuff. No claims of 'I have the truth'. Just analysis using different sources.
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    Re: Our Natural State is Joy

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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    The WHO and their or other 'scientists' already tested and developed this possibility years ago. Mostly live in Africa or by lab invitro studies. It is documented.
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    Re: How to AVOID being vaccinated

    Problem: It is NOT going to be doctors that vaccinate you forcefully in many cases ITSHTF. It's gonna be police, hired nurses, military, compliant paramedics, etc.
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    Re: Weird music videos with symbology

    Is it all 'bad'? Don't know.

    Some argue (also with other videos of this kind already posted) they (the artists or video makers) actually protrait the human positive energy kind of resisting or...
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    Re: MASSIVE FRAUD: Major Lawsuits to come

    Mike Adam's website usually exaggerates things but is it true that the US is raiding server farms now ... everywhere? This is also about my country Germany and Spain now.
  8. Re: Vaccines, pharmaceutical industry, masks and more: a conversation between R.F. Kennedy Jr. and Theo Von

    It's not different in many other Western countries I suppose. It is getting very dangerous. If you get mandatory treatments and will be injected against your will or must suffer consequences if you...
  9. Re: YouTube was down last night (again)

    My internet was down from about 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. at night. I went to bed past 2 a.m. but I saw that it only was back on only past 5 due to an entry in my router software. This might have happened...
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    Re: Goodbye YouTube Party!

    Always liked to watch Corbett's report. He does a very good and insightful 'real' journalism. Don't know the others in the first vid although I might have seen some of that Sargon dude.

  11. Re: No Lives Matter - A Song that tells it as it is

    In this one I like even the song musically, has a heavy chorus, a bit of Linking Park and similar vibes. Thumbs up for this guy!
  12. Re: No Lives Matter - A Song that tells it as it is

    Not a great hip hop fan, but I like this guy and his message. In my country we also now have 'a few' artists of different genres that speak out against the nonsense the mainstream media puts out and...
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    Re: Trump is NOT the answer

    The original article has the usual ingredients of a 'Liberal' view. Contains all the Orange-Man-Bad-For-Whatever-Happens-To-Us/Me and even the Russia-Is-Bad rhethoric. Boring.

    It is also...
  14. Re: Biden Declared the Winner ... the Fallout Chronicled

    As a non-native English speaker this colloquial proverb was new to me. I love it, made me laugh, thanks, Greybeard.


    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    But is newsmax a 'mainstream' outlet? I'm...
  15. Re: My initial observation of my town since Biden declared the president elect

    Foreign policy (and thus 'war policy' too) is not on the radar of most US Americans it seems, so it is not worth a lot.

    In all fairness we should say however that there is/was is the perpetuated...
  16. Re: Fleeing Cities or regions ahead of lockdowns

    I'm so glad I do not live in a big city.
  17. Re: My Prediction - Joe Biden wins US election

    The 'professional' predicters and pollsters for the most part in the media were very wrong in 2016 when they foretold a landslide win for Hillary. Then it was narrow and Trump won despite losing the...
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    Re: "Satantech," why the depravity?

    Magick is a form of technology. It is science not yet understood. It is spiritual concepts not understood by most. One day all will reunite again. Or not if humanity does not 'turn the corner' to...
  19. Re: Elon Musk Declares INDEPENDENCE, SpaceX Says Mars Colony WILL NOT Follow Earth's Laws

    He seems to crave attention, too.
  20. Re: Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film

    I also saw the Borat movie on Amazon Prime a few days ago.

    Apart from a few good laughs it is of course very politically lopsided and serves us all the recent leftist biases, lies, memes and...
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