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    Re: The secret of immortality

    Yes, as stated above, if you have achieved cosmic consciousness, then you can materialize your body wherever you want. You can also create your own reality. In any case your spirit is immortal....
  2. Re: I wonder how much the US government really knows about aliens....

    Certainly the former Canadian defence minister Paul Helyer has the inside knowledge of the alien/government interactions. Paul likely has more knowledge than he is willing/able to admit. He has...
  3. Re: A Youtube channel named Quartz Crystal. Says many interesting things about how Source Players create the matrix.

    I find it hard to believe that only 1.5m people on earth have souls. Knowing animals, they have spirits too. I don't think that this matrix interpretation is accurate in this regard.
  4. Re: Why Can't We Get A "Clear" Image of a UFO?? - Revealing Article

    To confirm the 'distortion' effect associated with ufo's, the one I saw in late evening over a lake was seen differently by me and my daughter. She saw a black rectangle with lights at the front and...
  5. Re: Gel that makes teeth repair themselves could spell the end of fillings

    I read a research article back in 14 about scientists at Harvard or mit discovering how to make batteries using carbon. These charged faster and held more charge than lithium-ion batteries at 5% of...
  6. Re: Baby monkey shakes with fear as he's snatched from parents to be used in British lab

    The way our civilization treats animals that are a food source is a disgrace. Chickens are kept in small cages with their beaks cut off and laying eggs through the cage floor. Or cattle that are...
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    Re: Not normal birds

    I once was in the backyard of our house looking out over a playground that bordered it. There were a small flock of crows, or ravens (its hard to tell the diff), "caw"ing in the playground. A...
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    Re: The first Space Nation/Kingdom of Asgardia

    Asgardia: is there a Thor, Loki and Odin in residence? 😲
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    Re: How to (un)trap a soul

    One thing to realize that the perpetrator of a 'spirit trap' would be violating one of the great spiritual laws, which is to 'do no harm'. Such violations would incur heavy karmic consequences.
  10. Re: Significance of triangle symbolism in abduction scenarios and marks left on abductees?

    Hi Arby, I have had that scar for more than 2 years, perhaps 3. I should make it clear that when I saw the bluish Gray I was not on my bed, I was on a slab (so I had been abducted to somewhere...
  11. Re: Significance of triangle symbolism in abduction scenarios and marks left on abductees?

    Yes Star Mariner, I had years of bloody noses as a child, particularly at night. It was a 'royal pain' to wake up with a nostril filled with clotted blood. It was usually my left nostril. Not...
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    Re: The Question of God and the Nature of God

    I agree with you, Nasu, the Great Spirit, or Prime Creator, or the true God, is really well beyond our comprehension. In Michael Newton's research some of his subjects with 'high advancement' in...
  13. Re: Significance of triangle symbolism in abduction scenarios and marks left on abductees?

    Several years ago I started finding small triangular scars on my legs. I photoed the one that's been with me the longest and it appears at the bottom of this post (thanks Franny!).

    So, I was...
  14. Re: Remote Viewing: Timeline until the Year 2100

    I sense that we will have the opportunity to become more independent. Technology should eventually make it easier for people to live 'off grid' and yet still have the ability to commune with others...
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    Re: People power in Puerto Rico

    These happenings have not been well publicized. It would be interesting to hear from someone knowledgeable of the situation about what's happening on the ground in Puerto Rico.
  16. Re: Losing Contact in the Desert: The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology

    I sort of came to the same conclusion as Richard Dolan about believable ufo proof a few years ago after listening/reading accounts by Randy kramer, Mark Richards, Basiago, Goode, etc., that it wasn't...
  17. Japanese Scientist Pushing Boundary on Human/Animal Hybrids

    A Japanese scientist is one step closer to beginning unprecedented experiments that could develop human-animal embryo hybrids.

    Hiromitsu Nakauchi, a professor at the Institute of Medical Science...
  18. Re: Desperately begging for healing prayers, best wishes, strong cure vibes

    Healing love from the eternal and infinite creator to Fiona and you, Maybee.

    Also, my mother-in-law has fought breast cancer into remission using high doses of tumeric ( 3 gm/day), Echinacea (5...
  19. Re: Iran Seized A British Oil Tanker In Strait Of Hormuz... Steamy Weekend On Tap...

    This event, one in a lengthening list of real and false flag ones, may be the final straw in this stage of this nauseating saga. It appears that the psychos in charge of US/UK/Iranian foreign policy...
  20. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    So long Lolita Express!
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