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  1. Re: 21 Nov 2014 - NASA Issues 'Remastered' View of Jupiter's Moon Europa

    I so wish I could trust NASA images , Titan a moon of Saturn, as well as Europa holds a bright future for a colony ... it is said Jupiter and Saturn are failed Suns , but their moons are full of hope...
  2. Re: How can we stop people from killing each other ?

    Return to nature and the old ways ... grow your own food ... build your own house ... cherish life protect it ... Killing doesn't solve anything , people just reincarnate they come back ... we need a...
  3. Re: Rand Paul: Obama is Betraying the Founding Principles of America "I will not sit idly by"

    If anyone of our leaders were faithful to the constitution , Obama , Bush , Clinton and many others would be in jail ... they violate the fourth amendment everyday 24/7 unlawful search and seizure...
  4. Re: Seems like Propaganda - Putin flexes his muscles - The West must continue to stand up to the Russian bully

    At least Putin is respected ... America is laughed at ... He moves tanks in and subs , and bombers , we have talks and media sound bites ... He is proving by action , he can do what he wants and...
  5. Re: How Many Project Avalon Members See Balls of Light or Light Phenomena in the sky?

    they are around us all the time ... they show up in photos after the photos are taken , before no one notices them ... bio-organic life forms , playful and harmless ... I've seen them up close ,...
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    Re: Should Humanity Be Con-CERN-ed?

    Using the technology they will discover that controlling the speed of particles is the key to traveling in deep cosmic space ... they will find so many uses , and the remaining forces of nature they...
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    So true; the right-left paradigm is a joke that we all should have realized a very long time ago. Not all are politicians and public servants are jokers, but they are the ones in controlÖso we...
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    Re: Sleep paralysis suffocation

    be careful not to have the room you sleep in too warm ... I would try to elevate your head with more pillows ... sleep paralysis is the first stage of having an out of body experience , as to not act...
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    they speak of the other side of the isle , there is no divide , both parties are one and the same ... both have the one world agenda behind closed doors , and these days it's so in your face ... Now...
  10. Re: So is anyone aware of Obama's latest traitorous act?

    I see a big false flag op coming , why now ??? he has had over six years to debate or move on immigration , why now ??? tomorrow is 33-34 11-22-21-014 11+22=33 20+14=34 ... we all know how they...
  11. Re: Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM) 14 Nov 2014

    it happened again in Ukraine this time , today ... he is saying he thinks it was an EMP ... looks like someone is testing a...
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    Re: The Ultimate Jehovah Thread

    Jehav's offspring live on the other side of Andromeda and swore to come back one day and extinct Semjasa's disobedience in mating and creating us against the wishes of the creator overlords ... NASA...
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    Re: The Ultimate Jehovah Thread

    my friend , Jehav demanded strict obedience , death and blood for disobeying , his son Jehovah was even worse , in olden times the called him the cruel and unjust one ... this story is far longer...
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    We need to remove ALL corruption from our government , kudos to them for starting it at the local level , maybe it will catch fire and spread to every state , then to D.C. maybe then we could have...
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    Re: Why (are aliens so secretive)?

    Because Earth mankind will only do as in the past , create religions , make the ET's gods , and kill anyone who disagrees ... secondly our vibrational frequency harms them when they are near us for...
  16. Re: Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM) 14 Nov 2014

    Vela event in south atlantic (similar to the other thing i mentioned maybe i was wrong about where):

    with some info about the countries who did testing...
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    Re: The Ultimate Jehovah Thread

    Jehovah is the son of Jehav , a long line of Lyrian ET's that have been visiting Earth for 389,000 years ... early mankind saw these TALL beings as gods , for their technology was advanced and their...
  18. Russia Again Has Bright Object In The Sky

    only in Russia ...
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    Re: Let's Investigate the Truth on Chakras

    I read up on this topic , and what the plejaren Quetzal an ET doctor from the planet Erra had to say ... He says , every moving life form has both positive and negative energy , balance in all...
  20. Re: Book Notes: The Bermuda Triangle - Charles Berlitz

    The two distant suns whose rays intersected on earth at the Bermuda triangle , have moved as have we ... the rays caused a time distortion , opening a door to a past earth and a future earth ......
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