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  1. Re: US Congress to Protect Slave Labor on Mars & Corporate Space Colonies

    Also the Mars travelers who signed a clause to never return? Hows that for the "exploration of Mars colonials who will bring new fresh blood to continue their slave trade off planet? My God they've...
  2. Re: Three Days of Darkness - Revisited Again

    Happy "Shmita everyone! The celebration of Christ's return/revisited. I feel renewed in the spiritual consciousness of our creator and Son. Fall on your knees in humble love. As the planets align...
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    Re: The Book of Revelation

    This was the first John that traveled w/Yeshua after he left home. This John had a fleet of fishing ships and two sons who went with Christ as apostles. This John was jailed in a Roman prison and...
  4. Re: Warning: Electrical Appliance (getting warm in Hong Kong)

    Is it close to monsoon season. I will pray/focus on rain for Thailand, be prepared to capture it for farming. All here who are about praying for rain in drought areas, need to send some moisture...
  5. Re: Harvard Professor: Fluoride Toxic to Children, Linked to Autism

    Take it viral. I'm doing 3 links now sharing. Go for it!
  6. Re: Significant Keshe Foundation public announcement today [2 July 2015]

    Took it viral to "green people in charge. Thanks!
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    Re: Man and Woman

    Are you saying most, because also a most is single parent female headed families have a "sensitive or compassionate males."(woman :heart: a compassionate/understanding loving man) as they are able to...
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    Be a lot safer to use electro magnetic zero point reverse rotation. Clockwise spin of same pole magnet, and counterclockwise rotation of either top or bottom magnet, tapped in between the magnets...
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    Until America's conscious kicks in, everything they will try in space gonna fail..too much on planet to fix first. If you don't care for your own planet, whose gonna invite you to their own? Just...
  10. Re: A sobering much needed report on ufology

    Yes little drips is right. Yesterday spent 10 hours on video Urantia Book on youtube and they say the same thing.
    T'was the Sabbath so as I knit, I listened to verses.
  11. Re: Exopolitical Maths - Artificial Intelligence Role in Exopolitics

    AI is one big polling of everybody and everything for the purpose of business, defense, politics. Why else do you think they've held control after pillaging the world? Polling the public's minds to...
  12. Re: Exopolitical Maths - Artificial Intelligence Role in Exopolitics

    Sometimes I don't put the ideas out there that come in, because of this polarity thingy. I keep them in or as an artist, draw them or name them and write the title and details of its purpose. ...
  13. Re: Is the book, The Catchers of Heaven, authentic?

    Most true books will go under this genre as far as the PTW. THe message/truth as we have dicoverered must be shared. My own book is built upon the knowledge(research for what's been coming in)...
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    Re: James Horner passed away

    RIP James Horner. You gave us the excitement in the action movies we viewed on the edge of our seats. Especially Star Trek. Thanks for your musical genius.
  15. Thread: Boom?

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Boom?

    I saw his warning also via link to YT where I had to "translate" w/subtitles in Eng. to know what he said. Pretty interesting how he notified our people as well as the UN and got no response on the...
  16. Thread: Boom?

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Boom?

    Yep, and when President Obama asked SA for santuary, they said they would, but they didn't want to disrupt racial peace in SA, and said certain sects of our population, would cause racial unrest. ...
  17. Re: Bad situation for childrens rights in Sweden!

    What are they handing them over to pedophile rings? God protect the children.
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    Re: ET's vs EDE's

    Maybe they'll travel via portal, because they are quarantined here, not us, but the matrix of deceit is to tell us we are prisoners, not them? I too ind this interesting.
    Instead of risking...
  19. Thread: Chrome

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Chrome

    Google=Goggles. You might find some info in archives about 5 years back on this when they merged w/youtube and yahoo.

    Goggles is like a bad rash, just keeps spreading and spreading into your...
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    Re: Psychic Twins Predictions

    If I was them I'd be off a year or two also, to give myself safety.:highfive: As soon as you are proven correct 100%, your life will end up in their hands. Best to make them doubt the accuracy,...
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