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    Re: Do you believe in angels?

    On the topic of Angels? I have two major angels in my life that I work with.Uriel and Michael... In reality people would call them Angels, a being with wings. I have never seen them have wings. So as...
  2. Re: Sister Charlotte - Entire Testimony - Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun

    I have to say,I am emotional over this.My grandmother was a child in the convent. She was sent there as a orphan. She ran away when she was 21. She also had a convent name of a saint. I use to ask...
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    Re: Human firewall

    OKay I asked myself too as someone else did...What is This? okay I dont know what this thing costs,but I know of something else that is the same thing.They are called ORGONITES. It is a devise that...
  4. Re: Slipstraw insulation? Pallet houses? "Natural" Building?

    I love pallets. I have been using them for a while.built a rabit house and coops and mini barn house for animals. I think your Idea is wonderfull. I reuse nails and screws if not damaged. For the...
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    Re: Be Prepared For Unprepared People..!

    Thank you for your post. Good usefull information of the reality. I do believe that people should not only stock up on garden seeds,and food bought from stores. But,some thing mother nature has put...
  6. Re: How to maintain clean water in an artificial pond?

    This is a wonderfull idea, I am wondering if you can do this with a duck pond as well,and if it would be the same.
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