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  1. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    It seems to me that the major city population reduction predictions from Wnlight in the Earthchanges thread have more plausibility now with the manifestation of this new retrovirus!

    We should all...
  2. Re: Thinking the Unthinkable: a WHAT IF scenario, should there be major sea level changes coming soon

    Hi everyone!

    I am very happy that nothing significant happened during 2019 regarding Wnlight's predictions, which are in my opinion, photos of probabilities for a given date! I feel however that...
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    Correct my math if faulty Ramus but 8133 tonnes is equal to 8133X2000 equals 16,266,000 pounds X 16 ounces per pound equals 260,256,000 ounces X 1300 US dollars per ounce equals: 338,332,800,000 $
  4. Thread: Amazing Songs

    by Stardad

    Re: Amazing Songs

    Just love this song!
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    Re: BOW to your real GODS .

    Nice post Scanner!

    Many notions in this video come from Anton Parks who is at this time one of the best expert on Sumerian cuneiforms in this world! I recommend you read his 3 first books which...
  6. Re: Remedies for surviving and thriving in an unnatural world

    Nice post Thrisher that invites positive comments,

    Everyone has his own recipe to (thrive) in a world like ours. I have tried to maintain a triangular approach of maintaining Mind, Body and Soul...
  7. Re: Sound Healing and its benefits, by Embraced Sound Healing.

    This discussion on 440 hz vs 432 hz and on the solfeggio frequencies is quite interesting!
    My personal experiences relating to crystal bowl play is the following: Intention while playing is even...
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    A sound healing moment

    Hi all,

    I was part of a sound healing concert here in Quebec last July!

    Here is a sample of what it sounded like in a natural setting!

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    Re: A few words on raising your vibration

    Great post White Love and great job in writing with words that are easy to grasp and decode.

    Manu thanks again
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    Re: Favorite Lucid Dreaming Books

    The Anton Parks trilogy: The chronicles of GIRKU were the result of 14 years of lucid dreaming by the author on a daily basis from the age of 14 to 28 years.

    A worthwhile read in my opinion. These...
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    Re: Aging, the great equalizer

    Well said Jonsnow! At least our body dies!

    But I would like very much to say, as Li Ching Yuen said before passing: “I have done all that I have to do in this world”.

    It relates to what I...
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    Re: Aging, the great equalizer

    Well I must say that this trend is taking a fatalistic turn! And yes, genetic and societal programming are part of the problem.

    If your programs are the problem, at least try to change them! This...
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    Re: Aging, the great equalizer

    A great subject for many to contribute; Thanks you Thepainterdoug!

    My recipe to extend physical body life touches upon physical exercise, breathing exercises, nutrition and also finding ones...
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    Re: STAR WARS - The Force Awakens

    Hi all,

    Somehow, this saga expresses what this Universe is all about! Free choice and duality. Star wars is like déjà vu for me. It's like old history being replayed on the screen!

    The seventh...
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    Re: It's a kind of Solstice Joy!

    Thank you Gaia!

    De beaux souvenirs de 2007!

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    Re: I'm going to Retire soon...

    Many Thanks for your many contributions Jag!

    It is sometimes necessary to have very eventful lives in order to redress the scales so to speak. Our love goes out to you and we hope to hear from...
  17. Re: 21 Oct 2015 - NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Begins Environmental Testing

    According to Anton Parks who wrote the THE GIRKU CHRONICLES (in french: Les Chroniques de Girku); Osiris is simply another name for Enki. Seth is the Sumerian god Enlil and Itemu-Ra is An. These very...
  18. Re: Planetary Alignment and Meditation 15th August

    Hi all,

    This meditation felt good. Many participated and the intentions were mainly on maintaining the Source/Gaia connection.

    Thanks to all who took the time to contribute.:thumbsup:
  19. Re: The Relationship Between the Universe and Sound ~ Part 1

    Hi Omni,

    Your interpretation of Grey energy using the D sharp4, A sharp4, F4, C4 and G4 notes (pentatonic scale) with a low C3 background is interesting. Rythm leans towards a quasi robotic aura...
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    At one point, people have to draw the line.

    The Greeks have an opportunity this weekend. Those who have not prepared are suffering now.

    Will they have the courage to say :Enough is enough?
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