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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    No arguments! Have had very little time to read here for a youtube crap...ha ha. With great appreciation, keeping up as I can.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Music is my inspiration. And today this showed up. North/south/east/west/ all.
    Regards my friends.
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    Very wonderfully put. I read this thread as more of a thought experiment and a discussion rather that something we should 'believe'.. Shedding our need for 'belief systems' is inevitable,...
  4. Re: Why Teal Scott/Swan and the Whole Spiritual Movement is Dangerous! (Video)

    Delight: I'm sorry I should have included the OP on that statement!

    I find little difference in what Teal or Abraham says. Abraham changes the wording and the angle at least once a year. But not...
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    Re: Shots fired inside Canada parliament

    And i'm hearing only "tighten the security tighten the security tighten the security" in all the ways it can be said.
  6. Re: Why Teal Scott/Swan and the Whole Spiritual Movement is Dangerous! (Video)

    I have heard Teal refer to Abraham Hicks a few times.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    My thoughts almost exactly.

    Teal has skirted where Fritz Springmeier dared to go and I'm amazed she only has this...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    I've been reading Peter Dale Scott - "Peter Dale Scott is often called the "dean" of JFK assassination research, having engaged in scholarly research and...
  8. Sticky: Re: Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives? (Confirmed for MONTHS by my vanishing sources) More relevant info - slightly long essay! Dots worth connecting.
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    Re: Official Netflix Recommendations Thread!

    "Ecuador Toronto South Africa Water Rights Lunatic Fringe - A Film Review A Dark Truth

    Any sociopath will tell you "we are exactly alike"...that's their MO! "A Dark Truth" will explain that!
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    Re: Drawing on the Future

    Just wanted to share this before I jet off - It is a meditation for moving into and linking to the future for the year 2014 but...
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    Re: Drawing on the Future

    I think you are spot on about this. Time is not linear (but can be experienced that way) so the cause and effect aspect is only one possibility.

    As for being the weird girl in the corner - I...
  12. Re: Philip Seymour Hoffman -- "Ezekiel Moss" Project -- Did Someone Want Him Dead?

    Thanks for all of this....overwhelming!
  13. Re: Are you a non-posting Avalonian who reads in silence?

    I just logged in today to see if Dennis Leahy got my PM. Glad I did!
  14. Re: Psychotherpy and Spiritual Development at the Leading Edge

    Thanks for posting references and all the links! That is a great resource.
  15. Re: I am an alien, can't take it any more I am taking Amphetamine

    Hello. I'm so sorry I do not have time to read this whole thread....(second job!) Recently I started listening to Teal Scott. Indigo. You can find her interviews on youtube.

    I think you'll feel...
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    Re: help please, thyroid cancer

    I recommend The Emotion Codes book and treatment. It is very simple. It quickly addresses the trapped emotions affecting the body. You don't need to delve deep. I explained this in my thread about...
  17. Re: The woman who thinks like a cow ( Dr. Temple Grandin)

    She's too academically trained to take a stand against vaccinations. Maybe if she could see the freaking out patterns of the cells in the body when a person is inoculated she'd understand the issue...
  18. Re: Exceptional psychic abilities in exceptional people

    We are Sisters Of The Deleted Posts! =)
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    Re: A Solar Powered Crapper

    Excellent info! You can search the available compost toilets and find the "nice" ones that look just like your on-the-grid house toilets - cost from $500 - to more than $1000 - and also find the home...
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    Re: The male abuse of women

    HkFhPONcNYg Teal Scott, receiver of ritual abuse through childhood - an amazing take on forgiveness and the process she has gone through. Just under an hour.

    Her life now is devoted to huge...
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