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  1. Re: Nibiru Will Pass Earth Before November 2017, The Evidence w/ Investigator David Meade

    Can I come to your earth ? Sounds like a safer one .
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    Re: Install Windows 10 or we'll break your legs!

    I upgraded recently to 10 and had so many things frustrate me I immediately uninstalled back to windows 8. Mine gave me the option to do so and said I could upgrade back to 10 at any time. Seems to...
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    Nice to hear Castaneda again it's been awhile.Thanks
  4. Re: Global Climate Change: Because The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit Elders

    I agree and have thought this for years, from the research I've seen the earth has shifted at least a few times in it's life span and with all the volcanic eruptions the earth has experienced in it's...
  5. Re: John Burroughs medical records reveal smoking gun! DISLOSURE?

    I agree there are many many entities out there and not all have our best interest at heart.Thanks for the info. L
  6. Re: The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing, War is ridiculous, & Much more. (Dave Hodges)

    I think if your a member here most of these possibilities must have gone through our minds already ? We are an open minded bunch , that's why we are here. There are universal truths that rule us and...
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    Re: Bleeding gums, possible causes and treatment?

    Last year my dentist said my gums were in rough shape, I used wooden tooth picks. He gave me some soft gum plastic ones and now they are in great shape.Comes with a nice little travel case as well. I...
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    Re: Where does one start with spirituality?

    You have chosen a great place to start ,here. Great comments by all. Intention , be here in the moment. When you are ready the teacher will appear. True knowledge can only be planted and absorbed...
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    Re: The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction 1961

    After years of study on the subject I feel the more I Know the less I Know. Most important to me is to keep an open mind to all possibilities,read between the lines ...
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    Re: Compassion, is not there to make you feel good.

    Great thread. Walking daily by homeless people on the street and not assisting them , do I ,should I, feel guilty ? Should I leave them to their own karma and not get mine involved ? Selective...
  11. Thread: Chemtrails EXIST

    by Loren

    Re: Chemtrails EXIST

    I have been observing chemtrails for years over downtown Toronto, the x's first got my attention and curiosity . I have a roof top deck with a 360 view of the open sky and they are still appearing...
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    Re: What if nothing happens in 2012?

    I would be,get prepared as you have and then forget about it . You do want not to contribute any negative thoughts about what may or may not happen.We create our own reality through our thoughts. We...
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    Re: Good & Bad, does it relly exist ?

    Of course there is , and not !
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    Re: Is Monogamy Natural?

    Being honest with and knowing yourself is the first step, not that I have been that good at it in my youth but experience helps. So how many lives will it take ? Monogamy to me would be the most...
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    Re: The Lost Book of Enki - Sitchin and the Annunaki

    I read all of Stichin's books back in the 1980's over and over again.Whether they are factual or not The Earth Chronicles was a fantastic read and expanded my mind, Amazingly entertaining.
  16. Thread: Integrity

    by Loren

    Re: Integrity

    I think we are inherently born into a world of jealousy , greed and as Sepia says the mud. To be in the world and over come these things is not easy.I may disagree with anything, but respect for it...
  17. Re: Incredible! Car Photographed 100 Years Before Produced & Other Cases of 'Time Sli

    I guess everyone here has seen the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler on Utube that was discovered recently?
  18. Re: The Next 2 Years - Prepare Yourselves! Your Thoughts?

    I know the world seems to be collapsing into a downward spiral that will end in the destruction of reality as we know it but the underlying negativity attached to all of the perceived downward...
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    Re: They're spraying Edinburgh today.

    I've been observing chem trails for years over Toronto,x's.... You can really see the difference between chem trails and regular jet trails. Let's just hope and be positive it is for the best ? L
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    Re: Native American Code of Ethics

    Thank you for reminding me ! L
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