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    Re: Zetas are infected

    we'll have vaccine against this virus, or the vaccinations is for inoculate the virus ?
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    Re: What could it be?

    well, I feel some affraid, but "voilá", we have an easy question to answer, and it doesn't hurt (much) to try.

    almost sure its a third eye (6-chakra) vortex manifestation.

    If you get a nap or...
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    Re: Musings about Physics

    I posted this comment in another thread, but maybe here can be more appropriated


    briefly, a great scientific area was improperly divided into three, as follows -- Gravity, Magnetism and...
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    Re: A contradiction? One unit or two?

    upon depends .. because the (good) true is relative

    if you see us together by a out far distance, we all are one (part of macrocosm)

    if you see yourself from individual being perspective, the...
  5. Re: Four Ways to Hear Yourself in a Noisy World

    the '3-choose a joy' and '4-nurture yourself' sounds me the same.

    if you say "choose nurture" and "joy yourself", it's the same thing

    if you say "choose yourself" is the same of "2-center...
  6. Re: Special Feature: SAFIRE PROJECT 2019 UPDATE

    I participated in some discussions that demonstrated one of the great scientific errors, that may have been made on purpose.

    briefly, a great scientific area was improperly divided into three, as...
  7. Re: Google has secret webpages that feed your personal data to advertisers, report says

    for long time I use extensions ABP (add block plus) that control scripts (hidden or not), and Ghostery which control tracking sites.

    Add Block Plus - Experience a freer, faster web and block...
  8. Re: Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    I guess, the contents of this post can show the importance of concepts covered by this thread. The percentage estimatives described at each evolutionary stage below, as a Conscientiometry, are merely...
  9. Re: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

    I'm suspect about documentaries, because I collected many ..

    just for the sake of record, I indicate a snippet (4 min + 3 min) from one of the most impressive series ever made by BBC (David...
  10. Re: An Amazing Suicide NDE, I seem to need to keep watching

    I Did it -- Soul, Conscienciuosness and Spirit concepts useful for a common sense.

    I ask for your agreement, but I was pretty sure you wouldn't disagree with my intention.

    About "the three...
  11. Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    I'm opening this thread as an attempt to create a common sense about Soul, Conscienciousness and Spirit concepts. The approaches bellow not take into account any religious doctrine or philosophical...
  12. Re: An Amazing Suicide NDE, I seem to need to keep watching

    I understand word by word what you means. If I'm not mistaken, I guess you are talking about "individuality" that can appears be Different, but I think in this context, is just a way of expressing...
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    Re: Why are we lying ?

    good question -- I bet 2 cents, a good answer is -- The affair that happened "Don't Matters", TO the affair that is happening (here and now)

    If don't matters, needless to say, or even if it does,...
  14. Re: Science is clear: climate change not causing extreme weather

    Fully Agree .. and I would like to add a kind of "counter-inteligence" argumentation,
    that is not in the 25 listed, and does not need much knowledge to comprove it.

    The control of CO2, ultimately...
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    Re: Why are we lying ?

    the final question it's what I said (post # 6) about "nature competition" (they can use it against us)
    the (openness) counterpart of nature competition, it's the (inteligent) idea about "nature...
  16. Re: A New Look at the Mayan Calendar End Date - December 21, 2020

    Hi marielle, that's nice see you still working on this subject. I would tell you Don't worry much about the updates ...

    (1) the relative "planets positions" - If you see in Helio-Centric mode,...
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    Re: Why are we lying ?

    This may seem like a bold subject, but it's of fundamental importance.

    First, should be remembered that (plants and animals) nature is competitive as we know it, and both, to escape from predator...
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    Re: Ending rotating demonic harassment

    This is a tricky topic to talk about, but you get the problem of Harassment right.

    There are several reasons for harassment, but chief among them is the unconscious self-harassment that people...
  19. The War on Amazon - Farc's leader annouces resumption of arms in Colombia

    Iván Márquez, former second FARC leader, released video this morning:

    We announce to the world that the second Marquetalia began, "says Marquez, in the video, referring to the place where the FARC...
  20. Re: What would you do ? If you get the chance for meeting God ?

    I think I'm more younger (maybe last 30 years for sure), and I'm glad to have more members here that speaks "the language" that I know relatively well.

    I'm kind of afraid to talk about this God...
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