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    Re: 'The Activity'... a Secret Unit

    I am sure that they have many of these programs, none of which are fully known about, and that they're creating new ones all the time to replace those older ones. With more advanced methods of data...
  2. Re: A demon, ufo, bigfoot, all walk into a bar...

    Actually I have heard many people discuss the portal theory before of alternate realities sometimes running into each other, like two waves colliding creating, if only for a brief time some strange...
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    Re: I shouldn't actually be alive now... :)

    After reading the posts of others, I suppose I too, have faced death and lived to have another day..

    I tend to engage in very unusual activities for a woman. So some of these activities may...
  4. Re: A demon, ufo, bigfoot, all walk into a bar...

    I know, I know, off topic, but I can't help myself.. Mike have you ever considered being a comedian? I know this is a serious thread but it was presented in such a humorous way.. Thanks for that, I...
  5. Re: Isaac Kappy (Actor) Died .. Hollywood Pedophelia activist.. Suicide?

    You're certainly entitled to your opinion, and no one is going to crucify you on this thread if I have any say in the matter.. I believe that we are all here with our own unique perspectives and...
  6. Re: How does one avoid chaos in their life? What works for you?

    Thank You everyone for your honest and well thought out replies. I do appreciate the time you spent to write these things.. And I am reading them all... And I do hope that more users post to this...
  7. How does one avoid chaos in their life? What works for you?

    With all of the recent chaos playing out both on Avalon, and in the community at large, I have been pondering my own feelings. And watching others both act, and react.. And I really have been putting...
  8. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    That's fair..

    It is semantics, and I don't much care for politics... But thank you for sharing your point of view.. Your last statement made me laugh.. That is kind like everything else in the...
  9. Re: The Sanity Chronicles: Being the Target of Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESCM), Volume I

    I am sorry, I do not know your name, and I feel silly by posting your user name. But I have some questions that I would like to ask you. First, are they able to hear your thought replies? Secondly,...
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    Re: Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to any and all that find themselves in the supportive role to anyone younger than themselves.. Being a respectable and responsible role model in this day and age certainly isn't an...
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    View Post

    I have, perhaps this is what he is referring to? Who knows anymore, seems morals and common decency are quickly fading from our population.
  12. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    I agree with you on that last post PainterDoug.. And I do agree with your first post, to a point, but I may see it a tad bit differently.. I do agree that cohesion gives us strength. But I also...
  13. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    I believe diversity should be celebrated. It is with adversity that we grow, learn patience, understanding, and we can then pick and choose what we wish to become or how we wish to live our lives. It...
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    Re: Contact in the Desert 2019 review/recap

    I just opened the site. You can go to the "Buy passes" link, (which I did, so I had it bookmarked to remind me the details of what I bought) and it will open up the site..

    The links on the rest...
  15. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    For the record, we can reduce those numbers of views on Corey's statement, his Twitter, and facebook, as well as other sites, and attribute some of those "Members" or Views, to people like me who are...
  16. Re: CHAMELEO -- SAIC's classified (and operational) invisibility program

    Sadly this page is no longer valid... I clicked it..
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    Re: Jay Weidner stirs a hornet's nest...

    This is the information I have found thus far on the case about Patty Greer and Gaia. Apparently Jay wasn't joking about that either. I will continue to look for the originals.. And post them as I...
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    Re: Jay Weidner stirs a hornet's nest...

    I can only add 9 videos at a time on a thread, so I will start their next batch of videos on this post, And I will add the rest here until I run out of space, then start another if need be...
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    Re: Jay Weidner stirs a hornet's nest...

    My intention on this thread is to share the videos that Jay and Groovie Bean (Yvonne) are making, in one place. And also to share supporting documents and links, to show others that not only are they...
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    Re: Jay Weidner stirs a hornet's nest...

    Here are three of the trademarks that Gaia fought Corey on, there was 4 but apparently I missed one..

    serial # 87821401 20 and back
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