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  1. Re: The Paranormal Code: Why Psychics Aren't Real, & Wilcock's Brakes?

    I am a believer that all people are psychic. Just like any other profession there are some more gifted than others and techniques that improve the craft. Just as there are Good mechanics, bad...
  2. Re: Carbon 60 (C60) Antioxidant that works at the DNA Level !

    Concerning telomeres, The trick to longevity is not to have the telomeres damaged in the first place. They are wittled down by cell replication which occurs when DNA damage occurs and the cells...
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    Re: Are personal experiences proof?

    But isn't what you gained independent from the experience itself? or do you have to have the experience to be able to understand it? (see what I'm saying here?).

    The particulars of an experience...
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    Re: Solar Charts


    My what a coincidence but somewhat related. At the 1:20 mark is a look at earthquakes in relationship to a weather convergence line over the US. After the smiley face sun picture.
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    I am curious. Corey Goode made claims that he was an Empath and a Precog so is there any evidence to those claims. That sounds like one of the reasons he was 'chosen' for the SSP in the first place....
  6. Re: Significant Recent Schumann Resonance Amp Up? (8 May, 2017)

    Although it took me a bit to muster through the op video. Doesn't even do a fair job of explaining anything much. That said. You are wrong about no changes associated with Schumann resonance and...
  7. Re: Schizophrenia and its causes -- New Yorker Article

    Of course, what I am putting forward is the alternative idea that it is not "genes" at fault in some failing of nature, but rather that these are all cases of genetic damage due to human error and...
  8. Re: Schizophrenia and its causes -- New Yorker Article

    I am familiar with the above work although different sources and think it is very promising. They do good work, good science.

    Indeed, there is a publication you might be interested in. It often...
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    Yes it is. There are many publications recently showing the connections.
  10. Re: Copper Toxicity - Visions of the divine or completely delusional?

    Zinc blocks the absorption of copper mostly through the digestive system but the body too. Iron will block the absorption of Zinc and therefor allow Copper to be more absorbed. Both are affected by...
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    Re: Epigenetics

    Ghost in the genes is well done as well. Epigenetics from Nova actually goes back a decade. 2007 But I think they may have done more. 5gBHtGS0kZM
  12. Re: Barrie Trower - 'The Increase In Brain Tumours In Children IS Down To Smart Phones & WiFi'

    I am an expert. In the 1980s I predicted an increase in brain tumors not because of the radiation of cell phone uses, that was still new then. But because if the increase in toxins being used...
  13. Re: A little help for a young friend of mine.

    If I may ask what caused the kidney/liver damage in the first place? Was he on medication like antibiotics, rather young for blood pressure medication, but curious.
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    Re: Scotland had a 5.3 quake?

    I am glad Dutchsinse is finally getting the attention he deserves in the positive way. He has done a lot of work and predicted many quakes accurately. He has pointed out many patterns and it's paying...
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    Re: Please Pray for My Grandmother!

    Please keep us informed. I am wondering if it is a Glioma and will send healing energy your way. It may be a slow grower and hope she strengthens up physically. Let us know how things develop.
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    Re: M 6.8 near east coast of honshu, japan

    I wouldn't be surprised to see more shaking in New Zealand, even Canada or Sicily. Japan still has a lot of activity.
  17. Re: 'Blue Sphere' spotted while NASA observing Sun?

    I've still never heard any good explanation for this one ... one of my favorites![/QUOTE]

    What do you mean? It is a coronal cavity that forms just before a filament destabilizes and erupts.
  18. Re: Mw 7.4 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND [upgraded to a Mw 7.9]

    Indeed we are a part of a solar circuit.
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    Re: The Evil Empire is being destroyed

    I was watching our local PBS station on tv and saw a segment on the campaigning I thought interesting. Both are targeting swing states such as my state and ask for donations from individuals. Both...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    My guess would be CML most common most studied. Good success rate even with massive DNA damage. If you donate, get your body ready. Lots of pure water, detox, massive vitamins and supplements.......
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