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  1. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Trump will win. It's destined to be.

    Trump knows it and so do we.
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    Re: And Then They Came for the Books...

    I don't trust google to do anything that we the people would want.

    Who would have access to it is a good question, CurEus.
    Almost nobody can be trusted.
    Big money payoffs can control a lot of...
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    Re: The Invasion of America

    In the grand scheme of our process through time as in our recent history , why do the people who
    did the most damage to our western world get off free of ridicule.

    Exterminating indigenous...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    Says who? And who are you?
    We are wise to you, jerko's.

    Get a life. We are not totally stupid.

    You have lost. period.
    Be gone! As it has been written. Go now! For ever!
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    Re: Clinton, Brennan & Biden: Benghazi

    Don't forget the other half of the equation re H. Clinton, why always Hitlery Oh sorry, wrong spelling.

    Other half, Bill, always avoiding, side stepping any implication of involvement in any...
  6. Thread: Communism

    by East Sun

    Re: Communism

    He repeats over and over again to the point where we scream, were not deaf, enough already.
    Do you not have anything to say besides that.

    We heard it before>>>>>
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    To me, responsibility for the important decisions that affect life in all forms
    comes from the top down. If the most powerful do not do justice to life forms
    including nature they should be...
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    Re: What happened to Brian Rose?

    I agree and as a "follower" of David Icke think he is gradually going toward the way of "what's in it for me."
    That is sad for me to hear, after all he has been through. I could be wrong, and...
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    Re: Who/what is running the world?

    By avoiding most of the part of the world that I think is negative I run my world as best I can. As we age we
    need to make wise decisions in order to literally survive.
  10. Re: Our most poignant songs for 2020: Let's share!

    the above!!!!
  11. Re: The Giants: The Nephilim Antediluvian Civilization

    Maybe we should be considered to be almost them!
  12. Re: What Is the Likely Outcome After The 2020 U.S. Election

    I will not vote because presidents are chosen well in advance of elections ,
    by "them" although we don't want to acknowledge that fact.
    IMO Trump will "win" because his mission is not yet...
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    Re: The thread of Caitlin Johnstone's words

    All of bidons words mean nothing at all. Yes, nothing at all.
  14. Re: Bi-partisan Deepstate Perception Managers Working Overtime in 2020 Serving Dystopian Agenda2030

    Thanks again, John

    for your information and hard work

    It will pay off in the long or short term
    I don't have the ability to convey in words
    how I appreciate your dedication to this very ...
  15. Re: Plans in advance of your wish to die in the event of...

    I have contacted a lawyer who is working on what we need to put the process in place.
    In mass. USA you can have a lawyer draw up papers that can specify a person
    who can decide what you have...
  16. Re: Plans in advance of your wish to die in the event of...

    I always thought that Dr. Kevorkian was way ahead of his time. And we still have not
    caught up on his visions of reality, life and death.
  17. Plans in advance of your wish to die in the event of...

    How can someone plan in advance for to, not be a burden on a spouse in the
    event of them being debilitated by a stroke.

    Especially if the person wants to live in their home until they die this is...
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    Re: Tell Your Puppy 'I Love You'...

    I suspect it is your tone of voice unless you say the same words a lot
    or other words with the same tone of voice.

    I would try saying different words with the same tone.
    What words mean is...
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    Hey Ernie,
    That's a great observation. Wish I had said that.
  20. Re: Study Proves Gov Wrong on 9/11 and 3rd Building Collapse

    A lot of people knew it but could not do anything about it. Talk about deception.
    And the deception continues today in so many ways.

    I have come to believe that the people who have been gotten...
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