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  1. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    What a tangled (and recorded) web they weave..

    BREAKING: Audio Pt. 1 of whistleblower Alan Parrot with Congressman Weldon & Brian Ettinger (Biden's Attorney.)


    00:00: PARROT:...
  2. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    More explosive "evidence" coming of Biden, Hilary et al coming out and the CIA coverup....?

    (Apologies if this video has been posted already, but I think its message and its significance may well...
  3. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Aye there's a few people getting in a flap over the Twitter CEO, including him having now apologised earlier in the week. Question is, will trump still follow through and remove the Section 230...
  4. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    11 Questions the media must ask Joe Biden....?
  5. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    I'm reminded of that JFK quote -

    "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own...
  6. Re: Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    so, if I understand it correctly from across the pond here in Scotland - it's been OK for the democrats and co-conspirators to manufacture untruths about Trump and continue to defame, decry and...
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    Re: The Invasion of America

    I seem to remember a tv interview with Russia's Putin. (A BBC journalist i think it was asked why Russia had such an aggressive foreign policy) Putin replied that if one asked oneself how many...
  8. Evidence of Biden Family Crimes (heavily media suppressed)

    Rudi sharing some home truthies...

    Wot u reckon...?
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    I'm looking for a COMMON LAW expert here in Scotland/UK. Anyone know anyone? Ask them to PM me please.
  10. Re: Trump-Biden Presidential Debate 2020, moderated by Chris Wallace

    "China, ate your lunch Joe!"

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that such a political televised debate would be as lively on UK television between 2 British political candidates. So in your...
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    covid unlike education - you get tested first then learn the lesson ;)
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    State Home Visits to ensure you're complying...

    Wash your hands, lower your immune levels
    Wear a mask lower your self-esteem, immune levels & oxygen intake?
    Wear gloves, lower your immune...
  13. Re: Charlie Ward about the reset rollout (and much else)

    In the first vid back at the start of the thread, Charlie makes reference to people suddenly finding out that their debt had disappeared and refers to something that happened years ago...

  14. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    It is a fascinating story. It's also ironic. As I understand it, once again, someone with a rightful claim (apparently) is overtaken by someone else. In this instance Francisco Manuel has stepped...
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    Times are a-changing - again

    Here in the uk, a teacher can have 200+ pupils into her classroom in a week. Yet, she cant have a coffee with a fellow member of staff,

    15 people are allowed to attend a wedding but 30 can...
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    Re: Bill's Picasso story

    Hi Bill
    Sorry to hear about this.

    If I like you, had read Dr Enrique Mallen’s credentials and works as per his site at

    I too, would...
  17. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    I am curious, that in his first interview video - at around the 4.35 mark, in what appears to be a rather tenuous link he refers to the letter M as 11 (eleven) but in...
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    In a weird way the above reminds me of that line in a clint eastwood movie High Plains Drifter

    "What did you say your name was again?"

    "I didn't".

    The new coming of Christ might be a mass...
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    Re: Are we here more than just this instance?

    What if...

    ...reincarnation is played out simultaneously on different time lines - and what if we are each one shard of the total shattered hologram?

    I (or part of me) (or part of you) are also...
  20. Thread: You

    by scotslad

    Re: You

    3 quick questions to ask yourself might get you thinking...

    1. What are you GOOD at...?
    2. What do you ENJOY doing...?
    3. If you had NO chance of failure what would you do with your life?
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