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  1. Re: How To Befriend A Tree: a mutually beneficial healing relationship.

    Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve trees. Two of them in particular and one grove of trees. We always played in the grove by the creek. Along the creek bank was a huge tree with...
  2. Re: "I Was There"... Imagine, John Lennon Isn't Dead!

    Lennon would look much older than this guy. He doesn't really look like Lennon either, only mildly so.
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    Re: Our Trip to Georgia Guidestones

    It's hard to believe that no one has set off dynamite at the base of it.
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    Re: One of the reasons why "Sinking of Japan"

    and my favorite scary quote of his: The Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico.
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    Re: Are You Feeling What I'm Feeling?

    A big question. Where are you getting fresh water. ;) I sure wish I lived near a clean spring. Ever hear of MegaHydrate? It's ostensibly boosts hydration by many factors. I just received my bottle...
  6. Re: Torsion Rotational Device: Planetary Resistance Movement Defy Big Pharma, Release Technology/Ancient Techniques to Combat Heart Disease

    Or you could take a less complicated route and consume no processed, rancid fatty acids, and do consume large quantities of raw, whole food B vitamins. Most heart "disease" is merely a form of...
  7. Re: German auto giant Volkswagen slams into huge false emission scam

    We have three TDI VW/Audi vehicles. All perform very well and get a consistent 40 mpg in city driving. While not a fanatic, I am concerned that I am polluting at a far greater rate than led to...
  8. Re: WTF? Crucifixion, Beheading, Stoning, Saudi Arabia and ISIS/ISIL have near-identical punishments!!

    This requires all caps or 1,000,000 exclamation points. The biggest lie of all time, for all time.

    I am NOT a sinner. I do NOT need salvation. I am already a magnificent splinter of God, as are...
  9. Re: BBC and mainstream UK news glorifying a rich, edified imposter

    But, but, but she is here by the Grace of Divinity.
  10. Re: The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music

    Try this on for size!

    It seems Joseph Goebbels was quite active in changing the frequency of music, for reasons not altogether altruistic.
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    My child, were it attending this school, would NOT be present on that day.
  12. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    I must agree. The environment and one's reaction to the environment makes 'good' or 'evil'. To state that a child is born evil is to submit to the illogical platitudes of fundamentalist beliefs....
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    Re: Fluoride - the solutions and the remedies.

    Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to place a chemical in our water supply with no means to meter the dosage?! Oh, forgot, it was the scum sucking pigs who used to have to pay to...
  14. Re: 50 US Intel Military Chiefs Revolt Against Obama

    What is not in dispute is that Obama has 'fired' over 200 field grade (mostly generals) officers in the last few years. Staggering! They apparently didn't subscribe to the party line or voiced...
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    Re: Effect of Hibiscus on Cholesterol Levels

    Also not recognized by most M.D.s is the still present condition of beri beri. This lack of B vitamins is a MAJOR contributor to heart ailments. Unfortunately B vitamins are hard to come by. Soil...
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    Re: Effect of Hibiscus on Cholesterol Levels

    There is too much emphasis placed on controlling cholesterol levels. Unless you have outrageously high levels, simply do nothing. The brain craves cholesterol. The body produces it naturally for many...
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    Re: Are Remote Viewing tools in everyone's kit?

    Want to practice your RV skills? ;)
  18. Re: Sunscreen and Low-fat Diet: A Recipe for Disaster -article by Stephanie Seneff

    Proper, unprocessed and raw fatty acids provide adequate protection from the Sun's rays. And yes the "experts" are constantly trying to distance us from the healing energy of our Sun. Scare tactics...
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    Re: When you can't fall asleep, try this...

    I also do this. Simply tell myself that I will not close my eyes, staring at the corner of the room. Next thing I realize it is morning. Works wonderfully well.
  20. Re: Indigenous Wisdom - Punan of Borneo - Awaken Your Dream Wanderer Within

    "The language of before being born and after dying".

    Utterly fascinating documentary! We have to wonder how many of the Punan are left now, these many years later. The sickening advancement of...
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