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    Jay sure did drop the ball last night. (No ill will towards him, I'm just saying it how it is.) It turns out that the British man speaking was Jimmy Pearson, not Steve Chapman. Jimmy...
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    New bombshells from Jay Weidner with Stina Bo Bina!

    The gist of this video is that someone anonymously emailed Jay Weidner some voice recordings of Steve Chapman and Joy Jackson which...
  3. Natasha Hynes - A fearless new SBA whistleblower

    Natasha Hynes is the latest in a long line of individuals who left the Sphere Being Alliance organization after finding out the truth about the people who run it. In this video, she...
  4. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    Here's Kevin's latest update. It looks like he's going to finish the docuseries after all.

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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    The video that this screenshot appeared in was deleted, so I will archive it here.

    Here's the context. Jay Weidner keeps a mask on top of his cabinet, and the mask was visible from his webcam, so...
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    This is very old, but I stumbled upon it and feel like I should share it. It's an open letter from Conscious Life Expo explaining why Corey wasn't scheduled for their conference. It wasn't that Gaia...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode


    Corey just got done talking about how he's not Jesus or Ra, and he's already gone full Enoch. So much for not being a cult leader. :bigsmile:

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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    This isn't new information. I just wanted to preserve this here. It’s an example of Corey's plagiarism.

    On April 25, 2016, SecureTeam10 uploaded a video showcasing anomalies in a map of Venus...
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    Basically, a religious organization is one dedicated to advancing a religion. But we don't know what religion David's foundation is advancing.

    He certainly pushes the Law of One, but he treats it...
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    David Wilcock's attorney just sent a cease and desist letter to Stina for this video exposing his 501(c)(3) religious organization. He also had his attorney send it to her husband,...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    I found a major inconsistency in Corey's description of the blue spheres. (Gemma also found this but posted it on a different thread.)

    Corey has always maintained that the spheres were blue and...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    In this interview, Corey says that people are "attacking" his character because they can't debunk his information, the implication being that his information is true. He fails to acknowledge that (a)...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Here's the Jenny McCarthy Show interview.

    Jenny didn't ask any hardball questions despite being familiar with the controversy around him. It seems she believes his story regardless.

    She doesn't...
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    It looks like Joy Jackson was also "Deep State Disclosure," the successor to Thomas Crown. If you recall, this blogger insinuated that Tracey Dolan was a member of the NXIVM sex cult and that Richard...
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    Joy Jackson is back to slandering people on a new burner account. You can tell it's her because she retweets only herself and a few other accounts. She's so sloppy that she's retweeting nearly...
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    Janet Shapan left some informative comments under Stina's video last week. If you recall, she was a victim of Thomas Crown's wave of slander. Here, you can read an old comment where she corrected the...
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    Re: Corey Goode's Fraud/Hoax vs the Public

    I'm going to summarize the video down here for the sake of archiving.

    First, on August 8, Jay Weidner was served with a C&D letter supposedly from Corey's attorneys. Like the one received by C.W....
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    Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.

    This has been out for a while now, but I might as well put it on the record.

    In the episode of Cosmic Disclosure titled "Secrets from the Deep State," at the 3:20 mark, Emery claimed that mass...
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    A friend of Stina's has confirmed that Thomas Crown's accent is Mancunian. Steve Chapman, who was a member of the task force, lives a town away from Manchester.


    You can listen to his...
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    I'll post it for you. This is from Stina's Twitter.


    Stina also says that Joy is also a huge fan of Star Wars, which is where she got "Organa of Alderaan" from.

    Right back at you!...
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