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  1. Re: "The Tomorrow People" -- UK and USA versions - Evolved souls and secret government

    Hi Jo,
    Not seen it. Where is it available? Will have a search. Currently binge watching Travelers second season on netflix. Enjoying that. You can guess from the title what it's about 😊
    Cheers. CW
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    I am a member of 2 other forums. I post infrequently, but am an avid reader of just Avalon and one other. I love Avalon for it's diversity, and agree with a lot of the contributions on this and other...
  3. Sticky: Re: Avalon Family Member, Sierra lost everything - Go-Fund-Me

    Just donated. So sorry for Sierra and everyone who lost everything in this disaster. So sorry about Martha the cat. Had to have our 15 year old cat put to sleep earlier in the week, and can still...
  4. Re: A massive attack on Ole Dammegard's website, and his work

    Anyone know the latest? The video is 3 weeks old. So sorry to hear about this massive attack on his work
  5. Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    Latest Stephanie Seneff Interview re glyphosate research. Well worth a listen.
  6. Re: Cancer killing/Killing Cancer ~ My Heart Path

    Hi Shadowself, worth watching this video featuring Dr Mercola pre the publication of his Fat for Fuel book, but goes into Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy as a treatment for cancer.
    All the best.
  7. Re: Cancer killing/Killing Cancer ~ My Heart Path

    Hi Shadowself,
    Sending healing thoughts your way. So sorry to hear of your plight. Wouldn't like to presume to advise on your best course of action other than to advise you read "Fat for Fuel" by Dr...
  8. Re: Youtube censoring Dark Journalist's interview of Bill Ryan

    Showing up ok on my list here in the UK. I do notice this problem however with other channels I have subscribed to on an increasing basis.
  9. Re: The Vielight intranasal laser: kickstarting the pineal gland?

    I've just today received my Vielight 655 which I ordered 6 days ago from the UK. I have tried it once and not experienced anything specific. I suspect you need to point the laser towards the pineal...
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    Re: John Titor II Time Travel

    I read the book too, and have to agree with Bill on this one. No mention either from the future either who the next POTUS is!
  11. Re: Kerry Cassidy: Linda Moulton Howe : Original Unedited

    Here is an edited version. Don't know if it's any better. Has a lot of repetition
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    Hi all,
    Worth watching this video and supporting the work of ecobiologist Carlita Shaw. I have read her last book The Silent Ecocide and look forward to her new book later this year. She supports...
  13. Re: Zika virus, Microcephaly (shrunken infant brains), Aedes mosquito, Brazil... another pandemic hoax?

    This from Jon Rappaport.
    No surprise to see Bill Gates likely involved.
    Zika freakout: the hoax and the covert op continue

    by Jon Rappoport
    January 29, 2016...
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    Emergency Stabilisation Fund

    Hi all,
    Found this interesting. Please share
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    Aleister Crowley Mansion gutted

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