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  1. Re: If not already, is the world going incrementally insane by the hour ?

    I *love* original minis- great wee go-karts!... but it's about a ton too light, half the necessary height, & (unless you've fitted a full racing cage) way too flimsy for me to drive in amongst...
  2. Re: You want to find the culprit??..Trace the JET FUEL

    On this subject, I thoroughly recommend bypassing Dane "Bechtel" Wiggington & associated fearporn™, and instead become familiar with Jim Lee's work with hard facts & documentation. And yes, fuel is...
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    Re: Q - We are the plan (Latest vid)


    Anyone else think this sounds like an unbelievably optimistic, & too-simplistic-to-be-true, Hollyweird movie plot?!
    Lovely slick production & musical score though.

    I'll *maybe* start...
  4. Re: Deleting Gmail - then afterwards, I need help

    On the recommendation from Richard Dolan recently, I am trying the basic free version of CTemplar email, & it's running just fine for me. :)
  5. Re: There Be Some Funny Biz Going On At Twitter Me Thinks!

    That does sound weird.

    The only shenanigans I've noticed on Twitter personally, is my being shadow-banned any time I tweet text relating to something Twitter deems needing buried rather than seen....
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    Jay Dyer's website deleted o_O

    Wordpress has arbitrarily deleted Jay Dyer's excellent website.
    Here comes a big push from the technocrats- Big Censorship is being deployed, & it's been privatised.

    Not sure how long until...
  7. Re: Stephen Hawking died today (14 March 2018, UK time)

    Did Stephen Hawking die tonight?
    Having watched one of my closest friends die from MND in a typical ~3yrs from diagnosis, & having asked various medical professionals about this case (ALL of whom...
  8. Re: Is speed of light 300342215 m/s and not 299792458 m/s?

    This is on my list to research, following my happening across this little nugget (from 27.43 - 32.33)


    Certainly caught MY attention!
    Anyone else come across this / have any more...
  9. Re: Ancient Aliens S08E08 Circles from the Sky

    This message:

    Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
    Much pain but still time.
    There is good out there.
    We oppose deceivers.
    Conduit closing.

    ...was decoded by an...
  10. Re: The Bosnian Pyramid - rewriting human history?

    BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS - New Interview with Dr Semir Osmanagić - 25th August 2015

    Hi folks!
    I'm a noob on here, so please be gentle if I need education regarding where best to post etc!

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    Re: Richie Allen Show w. Jordan Maxwell


    I bet there are some absolute GEMS in those hard drives!
    Please tell me someone can help him get that block of info multi-sited asap (ideally hosted as an online resource too)?
    Surely it's...
  12. Re: Bases 46: Transhumanism, DNA Technology, Chemtrails, Alien AI and Black Goo

    I find everything that I can see from young Harald quite fascinating.

    Is nobody else surprised at the seeming lack of interest on this forum in his work on these topics of AI, DNA Technology,...
  13. Re: Ckaus W. Turtur: The Zero-point-energy Converter

    Now *that* should keep me busy for a while! o_O
    Nearly 3000 pages to go through, and I don't even have a physics degree. :)
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