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    Re: Navigating the collapse

    I don't see end of days until society is completely morally bankrupt. I don't see that now. Keep being honest and honorable and the future will be peaceful, IMHO.
  2. Re: Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

    Marshal Vian Summers' book mentions that there are three galactic collective ET groups that want to assimilate Earth. We are likely getting some help from other ET groups to counteract this.

  3. Re: Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

    Just Plain have you missed something in believing all that Ben Rich hype and peopel like him. People like that worked in secret and then tell lies to make people believe that things are far more...
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    Re: UFOs, NEW YORK POST Video Ep 2

    I would sound a note of caution on this journalism, based on a number of points.

    1). Nick Pope is a self-acknowledged 'former' disinfo agent of the UK government. His presence in the vid raises...
  5. Re: Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

    I started reading some of garlic's posts, and have to say the Dude sounds either a bit off, or a misinfo 'dude', or just misinformed.

    Firstly, Dude claims (in a linked article to the links in...
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    Re: Is the Vedas' version of hell truth...?

    Just a few thoughts on this topic:

    1). My uncle was a psychiatrist who found in treating schizophrenia that more than half have developed it via phobias, irrational psychological reactions to...
  7. Re: Peaceful contact to the Star People family....

    Hi Whisper. Not to be a downer, but I have experienced negative abductions. Truman Cash is a source of non-main-media info about nasty abductions. How's about animal and human mutilation? ...
  8. Re: Gioele Magaldi: Freemasons. The discovery of the Ur-Lodges.

    These guys are the ultimate megalomaniacs. I think they are all elitists. Imagine to believe you are the sole actors in the world. The summit of hubris.

    Get a life.
  9. Re: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today

    Hi Greybeard, I had a Grampian 30 for a dozen years, didn't race much but sure loved daysailing. Still have a laser to take out on occasion. Can't afford the bigger boat once I had a stroke, but...
  10. Re: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today

    Here are some more OOP artifacts for you, oh bearded one:


  11. Re: Straight Pride gets attacked during "pride month"

    I will tell you why the lbgt issue has gotten beyond just ensuring that mistreated people are treated better, its the way the lgbt message is being delivered. The message is emphatically applied to...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    Thank you Indigris for your articulated argument. As you can suspect I strongly agree with you on the criticism of DeLonge's support for the American Military Industrial Complex.
    On the same time, I...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    Hi Patient, Truman Cash's research clearly shows that (at least) factions of all the main ET groups are involved in the abduction/brainwashing of humanity, including grays (tall and small),...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    If you read the research by fellow Avalonian Truman Cash, you will find confirmation that indeed the interference of these 'Others' has been a plague on humanity since before recorded history.

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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    I am surprised that Delonge has this much info. He basically confirms the existence of the ssp, and that it is international in scope, by saying we have the ability to fight back. Also, by saying...
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    Re: What exactly is a 'Luciferian Initiation?'

    I was initiated to a 3rd degree master mason but never 'confirmed' that level. I found most of the 'lessons' quite reasonable, such as 'obey the laws of the land', etc. Where I found my disconnect...
  17. Another UFO Article about US Navy Sightings

    Here is a NY times article along the same narrative as earlier ones which mentions AATIP and UAPs, as the deep state tries to roll out this fake psuedo disclosure, in attempt to frame the alien...
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    Re: Church of MMS?

    Hi Paul, what proportions do you mix the NaCl with HCl?

    And regarding how/why mms is effective, this interview is very interesting (from the glyphosate thread) :

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    View Post

    Some health problems may stem from the presence of glyphosate in the water system. As per links in the glyphosate thread, antidotes to glyphosate are M.M.S. or large does of glycene. Fluoride in...
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    I believe how the black ops have overcome g forces for fast moving craft is by manipulating electro-gravitic fields to reduce 'mass'. When hearing about the inner workings of the TR-3B triangular...
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