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    Re: Ebola first responder Information

    Well Contagion, Planet of The Apes 2, and maybe a few zombie movies gave us the subliminal heads up that some type of virus was coming. In Obama's first term he stated the next terrorist attack would...
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    Re: Mayhem in Missouri Breaks Out

    I hate the fact that everyone focuses on the looting instead of realizing that there is a serious problem in the united states. I don't think anyone believes looting is right, but simply having...
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    Re: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    Idk if someone kept following me around in the dark idk if i would want to stop and talk with them. Especially if they aren't announcing who they are and they are not the police. They could be a...
  4. Re: Boy placed in choke hold for 'dehumanising stare' holding a puppy....

    Sometimes I think as Americans we are being provoked, yet we are trying to find a better solution than loosing our minds and going ape sh*t. But "someone" is making it very hard for us to do so and I...
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    Re: How to handle the police.

    In the U.S., that gentleman would've had the tar beat out of him as well as been arrested and if he happened to be black, he'd probably be dead with some bs threatening action being the cause of his...
  6. Re: The Arctic is melting, the Antarctic is freezing. What does this mean?

    ..hey, you know, sometimes i wonder if this is our reality and previous civilizations made it off the planet to space and just like to peek in and see how the new class is doing. Off topic I know....
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    Re: Disclosure ... Roswell ?

    Sounds like you're talking about Air Force nurse Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy. A book has been made from interview transcripts that she kept secret for years until months before her death.

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    Re: New FBI facial recognition plan

    that or tied into their global drone system, so that anyone that doesn't do as their told can be hunted down.
  9. Re: Latest shooting outside empire state building

    I believe this shooting was in New York City. The nations capital is Washington, DC.[/QUOTE]

    maybe i didnt word my sentence correctly, but i did say "now east"(as in NY)
  10. Re: Latest shooting outside empire state building

    i find it interesting that we've had shootings west, north, south, now east....oh and in the nations capitol...
  11. Re: Why there (Will Be) a 'False Flag' &/or Major Event at the 2012 London Olympics..

    Make of this what you will, but here is 1 of the two dreams I had last year about fire and people dying...

    From the earliest point that I can remember of this dream, I walked in to this place and...
  12. Re: Amazing UFO Close to the Ground in Bolivia, 7/7/2012

    looks real. my guess is that the sparkles are coming from the rain hitting the window distorting the light it gives off.
  13. Re: Why there (Will Be) a 'False Flag' &/or Major Event at the 2012 London Olympics..

    I found this to be interesting.

    London Olympics Restricts Volunteers’ Twitter and Facebook Use

    I wonder if this is so no...
  14. Re: Whitney Houston died in Beverly Hills hotel room

    I definitely dont believe for one second that her death was an accident. Here's why...

    Clive Davis discovered Whitney and for years had been her mentor(handler-for those that know)

    Not sure if...
  15. Re: Recalls of Mars

    OMG! Maybe about 2 weeks ago I had this dream where I was trying to draw something and for some reason I want to say it was the back of a human body. Making the drawing had some really strong...
  16. Re: Heads Up US Citizens - H.R. 3166: Enemy Expatriation Act

    So is this what the movie District 9 was eluding to?

    Removing the "unwanted" from their homes(after economically destroying them) under some kind of sneaky loophole to place them elsewhere,...
  17. Re: SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT ... Princess Kaoru Nakamaru in Japan

    What she says eerily reminds me of a dream I had in late 2010 that I posted on a thread here in early 2011...

    "I came to the front door looking to walk to the store or something near the end of my...
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    Re: How do You Contact Your Higher Self?

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I think the higher self is the essence of the soul which can be found by looking at the sum(theme) of all things in ones life. I think what we believe to be living is an...
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    Re: Are we looking at ETs here?

    I think if this were to be true, some type of government agency would be contacting this guy. I dont think they'd just leave it to him to disclose the truth of other beings when the most anyone else...
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    Re: Something Real

    Hello everyone,

    Since 2010 I have found myself increasingly having supernatural and bending of time/space type dreams.

    In one of my most recent dreams, of what I can remember, there was some...
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