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    Re: Do you hold Bitcoin?

    What if Bitcoin is created by the same guys who created the Fiat money system. They brought it out there to grab the interest of their enemies or opposition who believed the story about its...
  2. Re: BLACK MOLD : symptoms, remedies, treatment, elimination?

    Hi Bill & Friend :-)

    Tooth root problem: 10 drops of MMS in a 4cl shot glass of water. Gurgle (do not swallow) this in 3 dozes for 1 minute, and it should be gone. If not repeat every 3-4 hours...
  3. Re: Top Ten Illuminati Whistleblowers

    May i add Aaron Russo, bless to his soul, as he was the one who awakened yours truly :-), and Galen Winsor, who i do believe was telling the truth.

    Aaron Russo was not Illuminati as such but was...
  4. Re: Elite Plans for 2016: Take Immediate Action

    Thanks for the thread: Adding Baba Vanga's predictions made a long time ago, which matches more or less and adds further details to what might happen. Maybe she deserves her own thread but i can do...
  5. Re: Quantum Leap - The MMS documentary

    Great and thanks many many times. Lets get it out there.
  6. Re: Are You Experiencing Any of these Strange Symptoms?

    Yes yes yes, both my wife our son and I practically all symptoms especially the past two nights .

    What's going on.

  7. Re: Swissindo - Public Announcement, just released

    Please tell me why John Kerry, United States Secretary of State, would officially acknowledge the legitimacy of UNGSE id and travel documents if Swissindo/UNGSE is not legitimate.[/QUOTE]

  8. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    A big thank you to Shane :bearhug:

    See you around buddy ..

    Peter & Family
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    Re: Worked on WTC in 70s

    It will not help to keep on trying to bring your brother into your minds belief, as he is he and you are you.. I am awaken like you are Sir. My elder brother is in the middle and understands to a...
  10. Re: SwissIndo Announcement In Multiple National TV News Broadcasts And Newspapers

    Mr. Soegi is not the son of Soekarno but he is related to Soekarno.

    Mr. Soegi became M1 in 2010. He is not responsible for what the Cabal are doing/have done. He is responsible for delivering...
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    Re: Greece problem

    None of these countries being broke should surprise anyone that has any understanding of economics. If the IMF really does move to the yuan as a alternate currency, the US will be broke soon after...
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    It must have been quite an experience in the old days to be treated :-)
  13. Re: SwissIndo Announcement In Multiple National TV News Broadcasts And Newspapers

    Dear All,

    I have looked as far as i could, which is not far as there are no corporate entities which can be looked up.
    As long as there are no upfront payments, or providing personal and bank...
  14. Re: Pre-emptive good-bye and thanks so much

    As i previously wrote many times, which probably offend people in general, there are too many waste of spaces who has become so materialistic inside and out. They have turned bad, and they must go.....
  15. Re: Pre-emptive good-bye and thanks so much

    Dito here Calz,
    I suggest that it is time to keep an eye on what John McAfee is up too, as he was proclaiming that he was launching a new internet, which is going to be safe.
    Thank you and love to...
  16. Re: Five Banks have 96% Of $250 Trillion In US Derivative Exposure // 75 Trillion // Send then to Iceland !

    Here you go folks,

    Panic selling in China, which cannot be stopped as people are caught on margin calls.

  17. Re: SwissIndo Announcement In Multiple National TV News Broadcasts And Newspapers

    Let me have a look at this tomorrow, as i am a well experienced compliance officer in financial matters.
    Will post my findings soonest possible.
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    Re: Movies -> Oh! My God

    In Time is a Very Good movie, which is not far from the final RFID chipping plan
  19. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    Humans have to stop this self petty feeling.. That is what i feel that the message is.. Go along and hold your head high, as we are where we are because we brought ourselves here where we are today...
  20. Re: What Would You Do if You Were the Devil?

    According to the translation of the summerian stone tablets, Marduk is still the ruler of earth. Being good or bad... He still is the ruler. We just need to make a coop and push him out .

    If I was...
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