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  1. Re: Mind Control Posing as Higher Self Interaction - New Age Religion

    what do you mean by chakra matrix?
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    Re: Zero point core grounding - the easy way

    for me it´s during holding the breath that I get a glimpse of the subtle workings in (and around) my body.
  3. Re: OBEs: What are they, how to make them happen,and where does the Higher Self fit in?

    I think how to safe surrender (if that´s not a paradox) is a legit question
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    Re: Dismantling the Matrix of Death

    I think it´s also important to acknowledge that death is a part of life and not a defeat against something we have to fight actively against. I like the part about strenghtening your life (and...
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    I also want to add that I did a SRT session with David St Lawrence and it really went nice and stuff came up and I feel I have some lasting results and also can engage into a kind of communication...
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    Re: The Hero's Journey, by Joseph Campbell

    In this regard you can also check out Robert Bly´s Iron John. It´s about initiation into manhood with also great archetypal references.
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    Re: Freaky Virus Theory

    something else about viruses... Stephen Buhner claims they are kind of master geneticists of the earth and one purpose of them is to exchange DNA from every organism here to kind of keep the gene...
  8. Re: How can my Mum come off blood thinners and anticoagulants?

    yes you´re right but the risk is already heightened through a sedentary lifestyle
  9. Re: How can my Mum come off blood thinners and anticoagulants?

    your O² exchange is not happening in the arteries. The arteries get always thinner and smaller and become arterioles and finally capillaries. So you want to get as much blood off the "mainstream" and...
  10. Re: How can my Mum come off blood thinners and anticoagulants?

    moving a lot, as much as possible, so the blood gets drawn into all the small vessels
    and you want to engange as much muscles as possible so the area your blood can flow to increases
  11. Thread: Eros Unredeemed

    by wegge

    Re: Eros Unredeemed

    here you can find also a wealth of information on this topic.
    He´s also making the connection to sexuality in the natural...
  12. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    this comes so timely there was just today an argument in my family about who is taking care how much and why and how much should you do it how was it the times before blabla...
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    Re: 11 Ways Volunteering Can Change Your Life

    how did you get to your destinations?
  14. Thread: Energy blocks

    by wegge

    Re: Energy blocks

    wilhelm reich is describing energy blocks in a human...
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    Re: Disillusionment + The Aspects

    where do you start with logic if your logic is probably also based on illusion?
  16. Re: Earth centered spirituality (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

    about the ego as a part of our inner council of "ego"(consciousness) states which make up our personality, keep our body running etc.:

    "It is not possible to "get rid" of the ego.
    It´s an...
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    Re: The Bucegi Mountain

    Peter Moon is the one who also wrote about montauk project.
    If you´re interested in him and his life´s work you should read "White Bat- the Alchemy of writing". There he explains how he flowed from...
  18. Earth centered spirituality (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

    He is making a point for a earth, not human centered spirituality.

    Description of his newest book "Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception Into the Dreaming of...
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    Re: Manipulation of the "New Age" Movement

    what do you think about Gaia theory as a selfaware being which we all are parts of?
    and if so, has it been hijacked from outer space?
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    Re: water wells as portals to another dimension?

    In the Tale Iron John a "wild man" is living at the bottom of a well. He´s a neglected/abandoned part of the psyche.
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