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    So true; the right-left paradigm is a joke that we all should have realized a very long time ago. Not all are politicians and public servants are jokers, but they are the ones in control…so we...
  2. Re: The Obama Phenomenon: Alternative knowledge, elite machinations and the fulcrum of destiny

    Rahkyt, nicely deconstructed and well written analysis of Obama and our present situation.

    I was aware of some of it, but I think you touched on all relevant points. You shine!
  3. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Hey GoodETxSG

    I am wondering about a few things of which you may be aware.

    What, in your estimation, is the possibility is that we are under some level of control, not just while somewhere in...
  4. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    GoodETxSG - Hey, I donʻt see that youʻre offending anyone. You are courteous and working very hard to be as unbiased and honest as you can in your approach to this extremely difficult subject. Some...
  5. Re: Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts

    Lots of information without hype, labels, name calling or accusations. Exactly the kind of thing I can have people watch who are usually ready to dismiss anything outside their personal frame of...
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    Re: Music suggestions for sleeping

    I'm a lifetime fellow insomniac due to some injuries. It started for me as a pre school child. My problem is thinking way too much. I've tried everything including hypnosis, music, binaural...
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    Re: Borax for fluoride removal

    Thanks WhiteFeather - that helps and gives me some ideas….soaking my foot now :)
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    Re: Borax for fluoride removal

    Iʻve been using regular laundry type borax in water as well as apple cider vinegar to soak my foot. I just do each once a day.
    Iʻm trying to get rid of what seems to be a fungus infection. After 2...
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    Re: Neil Keenan Update: The Kingdom of Hawai'i

    It is not quite true that they "did it to themselves". They had no concept of land ownership such as the Americans had and the Americans took advantage of that. The same was done with native people...
  10. Audio - Supersoldiers and Project Moon Shadow - Full Interview

    This is from Michael Sala of ExoPolitics. He interviews a Captain Kaye who claims to have been a Marine with the Mars Defense Force for 20 years. He claims they were contracted to a mining company to...
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    Re: A natural cure for cataracts?

    Good, Iʻm glad you caught the info; donʻt want to hurt the doggies. I worked with an equine vet years ago and he used it freely on horses (and himself) but was adamant that it must not be used on...
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    Re: A natural cure for cataracts?

    Hey Cardillac, Iʻve used MSM with no ill effects. It has helped my skin and my blood levels are normal while using it.

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    Re: A natural cure for cataracts?

    I have successfully and safely used DMSO for decades for myself and horses but it is not to be used on dogs. All testing on dogs is highly problematic; for horses and humans itʻs quite safe.

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    Re: Do we have any more vegan's in the house?

    Iʻm an occasional organic/pasture raised only meat eater, but this could convince me and a few people to consider switching to her sort of veganiam when they see a 70 year old woman that looks a very...
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    Re: Should America Pay People for Being Alive?

    Is the govt paying people to live on better or worse than the people paying the govt to live?

    How about an entirely different model or one with some significant adjustments? Check out the one...
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    Re: Does MMS damage DNA?

    I have used MMS but at 1 - 3 drops at a time and had no problems and it worked for me. That is the new suggested protocol, the 15 drop at a time is pretty harsh on the system.

    Give Lufenuron a...
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    Re: A good shot of Pahoa & UFO'S

    Pahoa! Thatʻs very interesting because about 5 or 6 months ago at about sundown I was floating on my back at Ahalanui and saw one. It was circular and I only saw it for about 3-4 seconds before it...
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    Sticky: Re: The gut of most disease... NOT what you think!

    Canʻt say much about kombucha. Made it some years ago but could not stand it.

    Iʻve been making kimchi the last few months using some large 54 oz glass jars ( contained coconut oil) as I like it...
  19. Re: Hard Feminist Woman vs Soft Feminine Woman - who has an easier road to Enlightenm

    They are merely 2 of endless facets, just as there are with masculinity.

    They are just a few of the endless themes that are there to try out on the path of life.

    Itʻs like someone asking which...
  20. Re: Israel Loves Iran - A remarkable project promoting peace, started by an Israeli c

    In 12 hours they have about 45 members from different areas of the globe. Seems to be growing a rapid pace!
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