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  1. Re: Joe Cocker has passed away. Tributes, Please!

    Seen Joe Cocker in 1970, Vancouver, British Columbia, I was only 15 yrs old, great memories.
    Joe"s hit, "with a little help from my friends", seemed like an anthem for a generation, at the time....
  2. Re: Karen Hudes has just joined the Avalon Forum -- please welcome her here

    Welcome to Avalon Karen.
    Nice to see another whistleblower who is making a difference.
    Enjoyed your 3 part interview on Avalon very much.

    My wife happened to be the room while I was watching...
  3. Re: My brother is in need of some healing energies...

    Hi Ilie
    Sorry to hear of your little brothers troubles.
    It sounds very painful.
    Hard for a big brother to hear.
    Hope he is on the mend right away.
    Sending love and healing vibrations your way.
  4. Re: What do you like about Avalon? A reason to value differently...

    Hi Ernie
    Love Avalon and all the friendly open minded brothers and sisters.
    I suppose that what I really love is all the very smart and knowledgeable like minded people here.
    Grateful to be here...
  5. Re: Self Perception: An interesting experiment

    Hi MorningSong
    What an eye opening video, it is so true, we never see ourselves as other people do.
    Thought someone describing me would really make me look bad, not so it seems. Wonderful.
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    Re: Against The Wind

    Hi Fred
    Love your thoughts on staying calm and thinking for a while instead of just acting out or reacting to a bad situation.
    Using the grey matter once and awhile usually pays huge dividends....
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    Re: The Magic Wand

    Hi Fred.
    That, is a great question, made me think for a second.
    We are living in very interestng times and i don,t want to miss a minute of it.
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    Re: Gordon Novel has passed away

    Great Thread
    What a fascinating man, would have loved to have had a long week-end to have extended conversations wih this very informed man.
    He mentioned having a 200 IQ and havng to live in a...
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    Re: Avalon University

    Hi Fred.
    Great thread, brother.
    Excited to pick up my mom this Friday, (she is 86 and sharp as a tack) for the weekend, I can not wait to tell her that one of her 6 brats made it to university....
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    Re: EGYPT Unkown formation in the desert

    Hi Kryder
    Welcome to avalon.
    That is to bad about the, pyramid code, series I really enjoyed watching it.
    Now to find out it is probably disinformation or, look here, while Hawass and his ilk are...
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    Re: Question Your Reality

    Hi Fred
    I am no expert , that,s for sure, but, a lot of what he says hits home.
    Would love to have a conversation with this character.
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    Re: The Spiritual Conspiracy

    Very incouraging and uplifting words.
    Perfect timing as well.
    Thanks Bill
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    Re: Wanishi Avalon

    Happy anniversary White Feather.
    Been here about the same amount of time and it has been quite an education, thanks to all the very knowledgable members such as yourself.
    Wanishi White Feather.
  14. Re: Police attempt to raid our garage sale... they are kicked to the curb!

    Hi US, great video.
    Agree with GoodeTXSG above.
    You have to know your rights and memorize them.
    They really do not expect this and are obviously dumbfounded that these people actually know thier...
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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    Bill great thread, lots of back and forth debate love it.

    It seems that these people who think theyhave it made are compartmentilized hockey pucks offering other carpartmentilized hockey pucks,...
  16. Re: Norman Bergrun - new interview by Project Camelot

    Great video, thanks go to Kerry.
    Facinating man with a very sharp mind at age 91, I should be so lucky.
    I,m sure he has much more information he could have shared with us, but I am just grateful...
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    Re: The bad bird watcher has left the planet !

    Love to you Maria, sorry for your loss.
    Thank-you Maria for letting us all, here at avalon, know about Jorr's going home, you seem to be very strong and grounded, I will follow your example from...
  18. Thread: Jim Humble

    by toothpick

    Re: Bad News For The FDA, with Jim Humble (MMS News Flash)

    Hi Kimberley
    Great news for our great friend Jim Humble.
    Still don,t trust, any, alphabit soup agency,s, so, I think i will double up on my stock of MMS, just for piece of mind.
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    Re: Drake Supporters

    Can not get a clear read on Drake as of yet, but I always go with my instincts.
    He has been doing this for a long time and he seems very confident with his information.
    Wish I knew half of what he...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Hi Ulli
    Love your thread, how could I possibly miss it for 632 pages, my apology,s
    Won,t promise to read all 632 pages, but, will give important relevent information to my moving forward the utmost...
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