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    Queen Elizabeth is not human?

    Hey Avalon family, been quite a while since I posted, I still visit and read almost daily though. I came across this article too bizzare to not share for the researchers and debunkers to see if this...
  2. Re: The PANAMA PAPERS: ICIJ Lifts Veil on Offshore World - Historic Leak - Implicating World Leaders, Giant Corporations

    Luke from We are change made a good video, tying together a lot of things discussed here so far.

  3. Thread: Your Self.

    by Zionbrion

    Your Self.

    Do you ever feel like you have multiple selfs? I am not talking about mutliple personalities, I am talking about different the person you observe you are changes.

    I think we all...
  4. Re: 5.8 just hit close to Christchurch New Zealand, anyone feel it?

    @ Ellisa - Many thanks for your concern and thoughtful words Ellisa - fortunately I'm a few hundred miles away north of there in Tauranga. No serious injuries or damage have been reported but many...
  5. Re: Latest superbowl commercials - and something odd about one of them

    Offer only valid at partcipating locations and only for a limited time!
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    Re: Trump **DID NOT LOSE IOWA**!

    Well, my faith in the political process was solidified when Bernie Sanders and Clinton tied, and they decided who the winner was by coin flips. I would much preferred a best out of three rock paper...
  7. Re: Powerball Jackpot now 1.3 Billion... a crash in the making.

    First a story...there was a man who had been poor his whole life, so one day in desperation he prayed to god that he wanted to win the lottery. After a year went by, he reached out to god again, and...
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    Poll: Re: What's the best way to defeat ISIS?

    as long as we continue to bomb these arab countries and continue our regime change policy, in each generation there will become a new group of "terrorist"..and they will continue to be called by...
  9. Re: Headlines for the day - escalating tensions (7 Jan 2016)

    I was thinking this morning of making a similar thread, I had called it in my head "Sh!t is getting real." Hehe

    Thanks Paul!
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    Re: The Problems with Facebook

    I love the Onion! Ha they nailed it with this one.


    Oops just realized this was posted above. Leaving it anyways, its so good you can watch it twice.
  11. Poll: Re: Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - first steps to real change?

    If you have a traditional job, they will start garnishing your wages...if you are a millionaire and avoid taxes they probably throw you in prison for tax evasion. If you are a multi-billion dollar...
  12. Poll: Re: Don't pay tax and don't register to vote - first steps to real change?

    I am registered to vote, only for the fact that it allows me to vote in our local county elections which do have a direct impact on my life.

    I have never made much money, I always did seasonal...
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    Re: New York Nuke?? Maybe... (Video)

    Honestly not going to watch the video, but I know Dr Judy Woods has predicted there will aome sort of nuclear 9/11 in our near future.
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    Re: Is the world going to end already, or what?

    Predictions for the future

    Date (CE) Claimant Description Reference(s)
    2020 Jeane Dixon Jeane Dixon claimed that Armageddon would take place in 2020 and Jesus will return to defeat the unholy...
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    Is the world going to end already, or what?

    2016 is here and the world still goes on. There was much talk and prophecy this year of the final blow to the economic system, the blood moon phenomenon, WWIII. A few brought false hope of false...
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    Re: A story we all write.

    Christine hurried their reunion and rushed everyone down into the fortress where they could more comfortably reunite. The garage opened up and they decended down to their home. Jim had been...
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    Re: A story we all write.

    Carolyne had studied many things throughout her life, including the topics in this book, but this information seemed to be different somehow. It connected everything together in a beautiful spider...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Will the dollar soon collapse?

    Maybe if it was printed on hemp. :)
  19. Re: US Federal Reserve announces it is raising short term interest rates. (16 Dec 2015)

    Its interesting on the MSM they are sprouting that stocks rallied today because the confidence brough about by the rate hike. Last time when the rate hike was lingering stocks started doing terrible...
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    Re: Weather: What's going on?

    Finally get lots of rain in California.
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