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  1. Re: Candidate for Head of Democrats: 'Shut Other White People Down'

    The many forms of division placed upon the "Social Being" known as man will ultimately destroy him.
    And to constantly give attention to energies/entities specifically designed to create such a...
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    Re: Abduction caught on Google satellite?

    It could be...there's enough "evidence" to support either claim.

  3. Re: Does Donald Trump use the Law of Attraction?


    Out of all the candidates, out of all the people following these election…he seems to be the one individual (in all of this) that was firm in his convictions, fully committed,...
  4. Re: 3 officers dead after shooting near Baton Rouge Police HQ

    From what I’ve seen and experienced… there is a big divide between the police and certain ethnic communities. All of this chaos is the results of unaccountability, and a lack of respect for life....
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    Re: Star Trek / End of money for society

    We are the problem and the solution. Problems we created by “allowing” these things to happen through our ignorance.

    Today, as we become more aware of this unnerving truth…some of us rather...
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    Re: Being in two places at once, help!

    It’s really not that hard to get personal information from someone you’ve been stalking…especially minors, as they are way more prone to making mistakes in safeguarding their person information....
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    Re: Star Trek / End of money for society

    The only way we will be able to do this is through trust, responsibility, and consideration. As long as people are divided, we will never see the light of this day.

    We are so against each other...
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    Re: 'The Event' - What's all this about?

    Except that....most people don't want to see/hear/read or acknowledge that.^^ as you can see...

    They clearly want a savior. We are too used to passing responsibilities to others...and then...
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    Re: THE EVENT - Meta Analysis and paralysis

    This is the results of digesting information you can’t personally verify. It places you in fear, confusion, and gives you a sense of hopelessness. The only thing that truly matters is being the best...
  10. Re: Using video games to prepare humanity for disclosure?

    All media formats/platforms exist solely for the purpose of promoting an idea.
    There are more video games about war and violence than anything else. I guess if you can get kids (and adults) spending...
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    Re: Do ETs exist?


    I’m not entirely sure if I made my point clear enough. So I’ll attempt to make this as blunt as respectfully possible. I see the whole alien subject as a clever distraction for several...
  12. Re: ARE YOU SPECIAL or are you ENTITLED? (The Extremism Of Veganism: Exposing The Greatest Lie)

    This planet went through many changes, many catastrophes. The planet seems to have lost a lot of its vegetation and it should be noted that the sea looks almost barren/desolate for it's vastness....
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    Re: Subconscious versus universal mind

    something to consider...

    The “one/god” wants to experience itself in a physical form, so it divides itself into various physical forms to learn of its potentials and how they benefit/impair the...
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    Re: Do ETs exist?

    Hmmm…I’ve seem to have missed out on some interesting things. But I’m most intrigued with the many statements giving about this supposed “Abundance of evidence”.

    I’ve read, listen to, scanned...
  15. Re: 5,000yr old cave painting of alien craft in Hampi, India.

    This is a forum I’ve always held in high regards; I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. So for that very reason alone… I’m dedicated to aiding in transparency and finding ways to obtain anything of...
  16. Re: 5,000yr old cave painting of alien craft in Hampi, India.

    Yes imagination is key, sir.

    Mod hat off...
    You say you'd play along but really just poo pooed the whole thing. You ask why people pretend like they one knows.... But if no one asked...
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    Re: Helicobacter pylori - advice and remedies

    The body heals itself.
    I suggest putting the body in an environment where Mother Nature is everywhere. She’ll help. Maybe a retreat, camping, being in and around nature away from all the...
  18. Re: 5,000yr old cave painting of alien craft in Hampi, India.

    Looks like more Jesus Toast to me…

    This could be anything. It could be a room, an operating table/platform/floor/an area rug, a bed, or even a Jacuzzi. I mean…why are people so...
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    Re: Do ETs exist?

    That concerns me more than anything else on the subject. We get most (if not all) of our knowledge about the cosmos from NASA yet we’re always finding reasons not to trust them.
    Seeing the dire...
  20. Re: The current YouTube scare: "Dollar Collapse 28 May 2016"

    And that is why REAL disclosers of truth should either be fully committed or silent until they have the courage and means to properly disclose their truth. Without logical and substantial evidence...
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